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Monday, March 7, 2011

A Fantastic Corner of my World!

This song can make everything look good. I just love it!  This was a beautiful day, an unbelievable day trip with a fantastic family!  I cannot put into words what I saw and felt while walking the beach and enjoying the golden sunset with my family.  It was almost as if we were the only ones there that day. La Push aka Indian Beach Oregon.

The beach is defiantly one place I could live forever at and never return to the concrete fortress of city life.  For me it is a place where the sounds of the ocean have an uncanny ability to drown out the rest of the world, whether it is sunny or stormy, one can easily slip in between the grains of the sand never to be found again.

Look how the goldenest of the sun on the sand just makes you "walk into the light".  Ha ha  *sigh* I love it!

For Oregon you just don't get to see these kinds of sunsets. I was actually speechless. Yes! Can you believe it? I know I couldn't.... tee hee   =)


  1. Wow! I love this video! What song is that---it was perfect with the images. Keep it up Lynn. Love reading your blogs!!

  2. Thanks Ladies!!!
    Appreciate the feedback.... If you have something you want to post let me know.. I would be more than happy to put it out there for all to see for ya.. =)
    I want to make more… Awww, I love the beach don’t you?