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Tuesday, March 3, 2015

UN-Sparkly People SUCK!!!

I have been down and out.
I have been  depressed and unhappy. 
I have been soul searching and spirit recharging.
I have been very, VERY UNsparkly and you know what?!


Here is the thing, Sparkly Peeps, I let "SOME" people/one steal my sparkle over the last few weeks, and I'm finally saying enough is enough!

Its hard though when someone you THOUGHT was your friend turns out to be a BIG fat hypocrite!   Now the good and or bad thing about this person is he is NOT a family member, NOT a spouse or boyfriend, YES he is male, and he is NOT someone I feel I need in my "InnerSparkle" of friends. 
Unfortunately, this was not an easy choice because I do not like UNfriending people at all.. I LOVE people and I believe we ALL have good in us, but this person decided to play Judge and Jury on me before ASKING me the facts. 

Soooo enough is enough!  I've sprinkled myself with an extra dose of sparkly spray, lace up my sequenced walking shoes, and turn my shine right back on.. 
And you know why? 
Because we should NEVER let anyone dull our SPARKLE!!
It really gives a mean, evil, frozen heart person way more power over us then they should EVER have!  Come on you have heard this before. Well its TRUE!! 
To me handing someone power over you is like Superman handing Lex Luthor or Luther, whatever, a huge rock of Kryptonite! 
UGH what was I thinking!?!  I wasn't! 
So no more! 

So look out world because the #OfficialSparkleSprinkler is back, yes I am, and I am never, ever letting this happen again! Oh and yes we should never say NEVER, but I am just NOT gonna let ONE selfish, insecure person, DICK-tate my feelings for me again!

Time to change my ways, WANNA join me?!  

I am officially going to surround myself with like minded, SPARKLY people, and I WANT you to be part of my InnerSparkly Team! 

If you are someone who loves to be SPARKLY, happy and who truly loves having fun, sharing smiles, and enjoying life not matter what comes at ya.  Then I want you to join my team!  

Lets all inspire others to do great things, to have uplifting and positive attitudes towards life and the world around us.  So follow me and we can Keep the Sparkle Alive together! 

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Thanks Sparklers!!

Friday, December 12, 2014

Instagram give-away

Contest ends 12/31/14.. If I don't reach 1000 by then no TwiPrize will be given away! So help a sparkly peep out will ya! ��

Sunday, November 23, 2014

Two Separate Stephenie Meyer Day celebrations in 2015 to be held at the same time?!?! Say What!!!

I have so many feels about this right now I am not sure where to start... 

There might be two separate Stephenie Meyer Day celebrations during September 10th-13th, 2015. One will be held in Forks, Washington like always, AND the other to be held in St. Helens, Oregon!

I am very torn about these two events, and the dilemma these two sides face right now for sure...  
I love Forks and all the surrounding areas, however Oregon is my home and St. Helens is not far from where I live.
HOWEVER, St. Helens will not have the sign that always welcomes me and my SPARKLE team to Forks. Well, lest face it, it welcomes us ALL to Forks, and we LOVE seeing it!

Change is not always easy, but I am not sure if this kind of change is good or bad.. I am still processing this to be honest.  I love Oregon with my whole heart, but I love the PacNW as a whole as well, and I always look forward to getting way once a year to see my Twifamily in Forks!

Now there will be two events at the same time?!? Now my TwiFamily will be a divided team?!?
UGGGGH, now I know how Bella felt when she was trying to decided between Jacob and Edward!

Can there be a Team Switzerland for these two events and their planners?!?  

Although, I really pray there isn't going to be a choice to be made.  Because I like Bella, will ALWAYS chose Edward!!!  Life is what you make it and for me and my team we ALWAYS have a SPARKLY good time no matter where we go or who we are with! 
What are your thoughts about the two events being held at the same time?  
Which one will you be going too?

Forks where the Twilight Saga books are based on or St. Helens, where some of the filming of the m Twilight  movie was done at?

Decisions decisions... 

Either way it sounds like all of us Twifans have a few really big decisions to make ourselves before September 10th 2015, as well as these two AMAZING cities and their "committee member's", per say, whomever they are...

However, no matter what the out come is, I hope we ALL remember its about fun, friends and the love we ALL share for Twilight Saga!