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Thursday, September 8, 2011

Our Twilight Corner's promise to a nervous Husband.. ;)

(As some of you might know Lisa, from Twilighters Dream, is flying up to party with the ladies from Our Twilight Corner in order to head off to sparkleville Forks, Washington for Stephenie Meyer Days and see the Pacific Northwest.  However to make matters even more stressful for her "Edward" she, and I have never met face to face; so this is a letter to her husband, Scott, to help easy his way about letting her sparkle fly!  =0)
Dear Scott
Our Dearest Scott
Greetings Earthling
Hello Mr. Hadley
Hi Mr. H
Hey Scott
Olivia and I wanted to let you know we WILL take good care of Lisa while she is off fulfilling her Twilighters Dream up here in the Pacific Northwest!  We just wanted you to rest assure that we WILL do our best, uh, um no try, our best to keep Lisa safe.  =0)
HOWEVER, with all her sparklyness for Twilight coming out, it will be hard to container her now that she is finally living out one of her wildest dreams....fantasies! 

Soooo what we are trying to say is, "we cannot make any guarantees as to how she will be returned to you!"  Although, with that said we will TRY, but NOT promise that we will keep Lisa from:

1.  Running off in to the HOH rainforest screaming out Edwards’s name asking him to sparkle for her.
2.  Getting on the back of a strangers motorcycle and driving off in order to have some adrenaline rush.
3.  Being turned into a newborn shopping in Seattle
4.  Flying to Voltura, Italy to meet the Volturi
5.  Frolicking in the forest covered in glitter and attacking random animals to “Feed”
6.  Coming back home convinced she has the superpower to read minds or control emotions
7.  Getting any outrageously large or unhideable tattoos
8.  Bidding thousands of dollars for a lock of Robert Pattinsons hair
9.  Punching a werewolf in the face and breaking her hand
10. Getting a paper cut at a Vampire Birthday Party and being attacked
11. Seeing any hallucinations of Edward
12. Jumping off cliffs expecting to hear Edwards voice and a half naked werewolf to swim and save her.
13. Showing up at a ballet studio to save her loved ones from a Rogue Vampire
14. Running in front of a van sliding on ice in hopes Edward will shield her
15. Getting into a confusing love triangle with a wolf and a sparkly man
16. Convincing the Forks,WA Police Chief that he is her daddy.
17. Drinking blood out of a sippy cup to feed her half-human baby
18. Throwing herself in front of every Silver Volvo in the pacific northwest
19. Imprinting on Lynn or myself or anyone for that matter
20. Camping out in the mountains and requiring a hot bodied werewolf to keep her from freezing
21. Breaking any headboards or biting any pillows

I am sure there is more we should add to our disclaimer, I mean list, but I believe we did cover a lot.  However based on some of her pictures I have seen you should be wishing us luck. LOL 

Lisa getting her SPARKLE ON...

Anyway, have fun with your man weekend and trust me when we say she is in good hands, cause they are Twihands, and we only lead our friends down sparkly roads and/or we chase after them screaming, "WAIT,,,,, take me with yoooooooou, I want to SPARKLE, DAMN IT WITH YOU!!!"  =0)

Love, Lynn, Olivia and Savanna


  1. I love this!! ahahahaha Oh too much fun!

  2. Thank you for disclaimer/ list and for thinking of me. Have fun on the trip!

  3. OME!!! OME!! THAT IS THE FUNNIEST THING EVER!! HAHA I'm sure he will find humor in it. haha He did tell me when he dropped me off at the airport not to jump off any cliffs!! LMAO :) This is great!!!