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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

100 Things a Twilighter should do before They Die!

Do you have a Twilight Bucket List?  

photo by: Lisa Twilighters Dream

I firmly believe all Twilighters have this similar bucket list scratched on a tablet or note pad somewhere, hidden in their stacks of unfinished FanFiction we all have been writing for a few years now.  Oh come on now, don't tell me you have not thought of this before?  =0)   Or that you don't have FanFic written somewhere whether it’s in public or posted with a name like, oh let’s say, Dr. Cullen or Miss Alice. lol

Anyway, what Twilighter doesn't dream of going to Forks, meeting the Goddess herself Stehpenie Meyer, and hunting down Rob, Kristin and/or Taylor in hopes of meeting them in order to get that unintentionally, awkward almost cut off picture of themselves, with one of their Twilight idols?

Well, my PIC (partner in crime) Olivia and I started our own Twilighters bucket list a while back, and with some help from Savanna and Lisa from (Twilighters Dream) we have gotten to number 37, but we want to get to 100....  I know thats it!  We thought for sure we would have a ton more, but sadly we are stuck...  ;0(   I know sad.  Very sad big time.  I know theres got to be more things we need to try to achieve when it comes to our love of Twilight and having Twilight adventures...

We can honestly say there has to be least a 100 things a Twilighter wants or needs to do before they die or at least die trying... (NOT really die, it’s only a metaphor, so please be careful doing any and all adventures you might have which are Twi related or not!!)  Ok disclaimer added!  =0)

Anywhooo, I feel like we have failed epically, soooooooooooooo this is where you all come in to play.  We thought we would enlist your help in order to reach the 100 plus. 

So calling all Twilighters.

Please help us complete a list of 100 things a Twiligher should do before they die.  However, please remember this is a list we would love for everyone to possibly be able to achieve.  Try not to make it so personal that the rest of us are not able to even attempt to achieve checking the items off, ok... I want all Twilighters to be able to enjoy attempting these and checking them off their own Twilight Bucket list as well as the next person. =0)

"Death is easy, calm and peaceful, life on the other hand, now thats the hard part", BUT its also the really, freakin, stinkin, SPARKLY cool part and this is why we started our Twilight Bucket list to begin with. 

Life is too short to wait around before trying new and exciting things whether you are into Twilight or not.  So what are you waiting for???  No time like the present to make a list and start checking items off of it. =0)

Here is our Twilighters Bucket list and I can happily say, we have been able to check off a few of these items along our way to .  Can you? 

Please tell us what else should be added?  If you do we will not only add it, but give the first person to post it credit for it. =0)  Or if you have nothing to add let us know what you think of our list so far...

1) Visit Forks
2) Visit La Push
3) Visit Port Angeles
4) Get bitten by Edward or die trying.
5) Go on a Twilight Tour
6) Created your own Twilight Tour to visit all the filming location
7) Make your own Twilight-Fan made video/movie
8) Dressed up for the opening night of Twilight, New Moon, or Eclipse
9) Introduced a "Twilight Virgin" to their first Twilight book
10) Introduced your Husband/Wife/Partner to Twilight
11) And have them like it
12) Star in your own Twilight fan made video. ;)
13) Get "Golden-Brown" contacts to wear to the midnight showing of Breaking Dawn 1 or 2
14) Try mushroom ravioli's
15) Own Bella's birthday dress from New Moon
16) Throw a Twilight party with all the fixins
17) Have a Twilight themed Birthday party
18) Meet any and all of the Twilight Saga Movie cast members
19) Meet Stephenie Meyers!
20) Go to a Stephenie Meyer book signing
21) Through a Twilight-themed bachelorette party
22) Attend Twilight themed Wedding
23) Have a Twilight themed Wedding
24) Go on a motorcycle ride with a complete stranger
25) Visit the Volturi in Italy.
26) Complete a Twilight Movie Marathon
27) Complete a Twilight Book Marathon
28) Write a Twilight Fanfiction story and post it online
29) Own a Volvo, silver S60R! Heck just own a silver Volvo period!
30) Host a BD 1 or 2 release party at your local movie theater. =0)
31) Reenact the "Meadow" scene with a "special" loved one.. *wink, wink*
32) Own a VW Rabbit
33) Got to a Twilight Convention
34) Start a Twilight blog or facebook page
35) Have an entire conversation with another Twilighter only using movie or book quotes
36) Party in Forks with anyone
37) Attend tribal council with the Quileute Nation

So as you can see we are lacking a bit in order to make it to 100, so please just add what you feel we are missing in the comments section to this post or to our facebook page and I will update my blog with your name, if you want, after your bucket list number. 

No prize involved just the satisfaction of know you have helped us create a Twilighters Bucket list that we will all love and cherish forever because you know....forever is only the beginning.  =0)

Thanks, ever so much!
Our Twilight Corner


  1. 38. Go hiking in the woods (any woods would work, but forks would just be better)!
    39. Pet a wolf
    40. Get a twilight tattoo
    41. Own a remake of Bella's wedding dress
    42. Own a remake of Bella's engagement ring
    43. Go cliff diving
    44. Reenact your favorite twilight scenes with you significant other.
    45. Go camping on Mt. Washinton!

  2. 46. Eat at Bella Italia
    47. Meet your own Edward
    48. Dream about Edward Cullen
    49. Go to Forks Highschool

  3. Awesome!!!!! :D ~V
    38. Visit Baton Rouge & V of Team Kellmett can show you where they filmed the majority of Breaking Dawn Part 1 & 2 and even where some of the stars ate/slept.
    39. Own a Jeep like Emmett's
    40. Own a Canary Yellow Porsche 911 Turbo like Alice's
    41. Meet Hannah & Hilly Hindi
    42. Go on a Honeymoon to Rio
    43. Visit where they filmed some of New Moon in Italy
    44. Own a miniature replica of The Cullen House
    45. Have a pack of dogs and name them Jacob, Seth, Leah, Quil, Embry, Paul, Jared, & Sam
    46. Learn how to sculpt ice and then create a Dolphin Ice Sculpture
    47. Meet all the Directors of The Twilight Saga Films
    48. Own a dress like Bella's Prom Dress
    49. Own the replica of Bella's Wedding Dress
    50. Create a Quilt out of old road trip t-shirts like Renee had made for Bella
    51. Write Stephenie Meyer thanking her for creating The Twilight Saga and all of the lifelong friends you've made because of it
    52. Write a story from a dream like Stephenie Meyer did with Twilight

  4. 52. (for single ladies) If you found the "one" in a mysterious dashing stranger who turns out to be a real gentleman, make like Bella and don't let him go.
    53. (for single ladies) If you have a thing for your best friend (hopefully he's like Jacob)and it would seem that it's the same for him; do not hesistate to say what you feel. Not saying will just fill you with what ifs. If it doesn't work out then at least you tried and he tried . No regrets.
    54. Take pictures of an actual twilight, new moon (moonless night), eclipse (lunar or solar), and breaking dawn.
    55. Get an autograph and picture with the big 3 and/or any of the other cast members and directors (if possible all of them).
    56. Get a picture of the town square and clock tower in Montepulciano.
    57. Go to where they shot Isle Esme if not visit any island resort.
    58. Go for a swim (with a special someone) in a place with a water fall as back drop. (I would prefer to have Jacob with his 108 degrees to keep me warm after the cold swim hahah)
    59. Own a house designed like the Cullen home. (tune in song: Billionaire)
    60. Learn to play chess and baseball.

  5. ** Have my very own Twilight Quilt made
    ** Run with wolves in the forrests where Bella realizes Edward is a vampire
    ** My very own Twilight tattoo - Forever is just the beginning.
    ** Have My very own Twilight cake
    ** Be at the Breaking Dawn premier Part 2 meet Edward, bella and the crew
    ** Eat a hamburger with Charlie
    ** Cook dinner with the cullens
    ** Im from Australia so being able to just get to The USa id visit - Forks, where it all began. Take photos gallore ! MY TOP OF LIST BUCKET LIST !! VISIT A TWI CONVENTION !!!!!!!!!! ** SQUEELS **

    :) kat

  6. 61. Learn to Drive a Motorcycle like Jacob taught Bella in New Moon.
    62. Learn to ride a Surfboard on the waves at LaPush Beach like they did in Twilight.
    63. Play soccer ball on LaPush Beach like the pack did in Breaking Dawn Part1.
    64. Play Vampire Baseball with thunder in the background.
    65. Pet a Lion and a Lamb like Edward refers to himself and Bella in Twilight and through out the whole saga.