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Sunday, October 14, 2012

The Merchant of Venice... By William Shakespeare.

Look what I picked up at a Thrift Store the other day!!!  
Its going to look GREAT in OTC
Please tell me you know why I have this book?

Remember these stills from the Target sneak peek of BD2 back in what, February of 2012?

Remember the note Bella finds from Alice which leads her to the name J. Jenks in a book at the Cullen home?  
Are bells and whistles going off in your head finally? 
Anyhoo, now you know why I bought The Merchant of Venice book right?

Yep, I had to add it to my Twilight collection.  Of course mine isn't autographed by Alice with her instructions, or anything in it, but it's still cool to own.  

Oh, and I do plan on reading it... someday! 
Look Bella's holding my book!!!  Yay!  ;)
"Some may call us Twilighter's neurotic, obsessive and disturbed, for the items we accumulate and the things we do, but all I am is very dedicated to passionately collecting Twilight treasures!" ~Oregon Lynn 

Never let the SPARKLE die!!!  ;)