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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

From a$$holes to practicing integrity and kindness; Can your kid do it?

I had the privilege today of reading a great blog about a mom and her adventures with kids at a playground... Or to be more precise, her adventures with a$$hole kids at a playground.  Ha ha ....Its a must read.

I would love to say more, but she said enough and I am just delighted that I am not alone when it comes to the "issues" we seem to have with kids these days and THEIR parents.
Like I commented to her, kids learn by example and its unfortunate that we have so many ill-behaved and a$$holes walking the earth these days.  

Although, maybe we don't have more a$$holes, maybe they have always been there lurking, but have defiantly, and finally decided to come out of the closet for lack of a better term.  Nonetheless, I would like to go on record by stating, "GO BACK IN AND STAY THERE!!!"
Please read Michelle's post... You might find it interesting or offending, but either way its good!
So its nice to find web sites like this one when there are so many a$$holes slithering the earth. Where one woman is trying to help educate kids about social standards. 

It would be wonderful if more parents would look into educating their children on the art of practicing integrity, kindness, and compassion in order to cultivate the understanding that using good manners can be the key to better playground etiquette.

Children need to learn that a firm handshake, saying please and looking someone between the eyes while speaking to them are all good upstanding qualities, which may get them further in life then pushing, shoving and talking down to others. 
I know I am asking for the world here aren't' I?  Hey, a girl can have a dream can't she?  =)

Unfortunately, there is one huge, gigantic, and enormous catch to all of this working; manner classes that is.  
Like I mentioned above; kids learn by example, so with that said we need the a$$hole parents to show up for these classes first; learn it, breath it, and live it, in order for any of us to even begin to hope that the offspring of the a$$holes will eventually set foot into a business like Sandi's. 

I highly commend this women for the task she is trying to accomplish.  I sincerely hope her business thrives, busting out at the seems from all the kids walking through her doorway, and I wish her the very best of luck! Because some of us truly know the world needs all the kindness it can find out of everyone and anyone these days!

 One of my favorite books ever!  Well next to the Twilight Saga that is... ha ha  ;0)


  1. Thank you for the encouragement!
    Everyone wins when we make an effort to consider others.
    Best regards,
    Everyday Manners For Kids

  2. Thanks Sandi! When I came across your web site the frist thing I thought was, “Fantastic”! I do wish you the best of luck! However, that is the hard part though; getting everyone to make that effort to consider others.