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Friday, March 18, 2011

Rebuttal to your Yaaaawwwn

So you will need to read my girls friends post on her blog, the link above, to understand my statement (s) below.  I loved her post and I believe it is very much so food for thought.

Years a go I lowered my expectations, just a bit, of our human standards in order to "handle" people better, and yet our race keeps sinking lower and lower.  When will it be too low? Where is the bottom?  When do we say enough, is enough?
I believe what we falsely let others hide behind the labels we give them or the labels they have earned but abuse:  Doctor, Teacher, COACH, Christian, Police Officer just to name a few of those labels.  Just because someone calls themselves these things doesn't mean they are any more well mannered or educated then the next person.  Not to say we think housekeeper is high or low that is... I am just throwing out my thoughts people, so don't read this personally, think globally.  ;)
Nontheless, we all have been raised to believe that if you are lost, in trouble, or need help you can trust a Police Officer or go to your Coach for help. I mean who would think a housekeeper would ask such a thing?  I thought their profession is trained to come quietly, clean up and leave in the same manner as they arrived? 
Unfortunately, with poor nutrition or lack of proper breeding, who knows what the case or issues may be, it seems like we have had a large infiltration from the scum of the earth getting into these prominent positions; going stealth you could say, and brainwashing all of us into accepting it's ok to sleep on the couch in the lobby of a business, or assume entitlement no matter what the situation may be. 
Even worst these crusty creatures will pass themselves off as coaches or public servants who then turn into drug dealers, child molesters and end up doing more harm then good to us and our friends/families. 
Lower our expectations?  "NO!"   My expectations will remain high or, I should say, I will keep high HOPES that no matter what label we place on others or ourselves we will keep a healthy altitude of what should be good and not corrupt.  
What I will change though is how I trust the person telling me to trust them.  What will change is how I interact with the stupid out there.  What will change is when I get poor customer service from anyone whether you are at work, home, or out wondering in life; I will address this inappropriateness with careful tact, and try to help correct it by not accepting this standard of behavior as a "NORM".   Kill'em, (correct them) with kindness, and in return NOT pay the horrid deeds forward to others. 
We all learn by example no matter what our age.  We all have the ability to stop the madness, and I work very hard every day to do just that, not only with myself but in how I raise my children; however the damage is done. 
For me the words Doctor, Teacher, Coach, Christian, and Police Officer can give me the same heavy, shallow pit, ickiness in my stomach feeling that the words, Politician, Lawyer, Criminal, Democrat, and Republican can give me as well. Its very heartbreaking, and down right dismay because I know there are still good people out there, but they are few and far between. 
It saddens me to speculate how long it will take us, as a whole, to get our society out of this mess we have allowed? 
Is asking to sleep on a businesses couch ok?  No, and I don't care who you are we all need to start cleaning it a up bit, communicating clearer and raising our levels of acceptance , in order to prevent the couch sleepers of today from ruling our world tomorrow.

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