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Saturday, March 5, 2011

To Blog or not to Blog, that is the question?

Ok, I have been on the fence, ever since I decided to blog, about whether or not I should or could post something everyday.  Everything I have read about blogging , thus far, states you should always say something everyday to some degree.  "They", whoever they are, say you need to establish an audience, a following or as I like to imagine; you need Groupies...
Sounds more Rock Star-ish to me.  =)

I have discovered a web site or another blog site, I am not sure what it is, which has helpful insights if you too would like to put your most inner, bizarre, corky, intimate, cherished, and unusual thought out there for the WORLD to judge and criticize; like I so idiotically have done.  I do mean this in a good way just, so you know; my blog is public after all. I do realize that.... =) 
Anywhooo, I was gong to post my blog statement, or, uh- short story I guess I should say this Sunday, but I just realized I left it at work. ;/     Oh, and I am soooooo not going to make a poor attempt at remembering what I blabbed out into my computer, since I already know it would take me twice as long and in a different direction then where I was headed the first time around.  
I will admit it's actually extremely difficult to put thoughts on paper, even though, I have heaps of writing tidbits all over the place with what I like to call,  "spectacular-sparly ideas" which should be explored, brought to life, and shared with the literary world; so they do not vanish forever into the recycling bin. 
With that said, I've always admired writers of any sort who could "POP" creative worlds out of their minds, like a jack-in-the-box, making their dreams sound marvelous and seductive to us consumers.  In return selling billions of copies of their latest works of art, and who are now living in the south of France; on a spectacular, white sandy beach, dressing in flowy silk shirts, and never owning another pair of shoes again, for the rest of their natural born days.
*Sigh*  To me it sounds easy and alluring.... Hah, hah, hah... Yeaaaah, right.... easy... Hmmmm, not so much!

However, I am getting the notion this is a super, duper fantasy land I alone have let the movie world create for me, and not the reality of a true hard working literary guru; who has spent long tedious hours studying their craft, putting a tremendous amount of time, blood, sweat and tears into one, yes ONE, simple sentence or paragraph which actually, and frustratingly enough, took them months to finish.   (Did you like my use of the English Idioms or phrase there?  It sounded so rough and tough.  Who bleeds while writing anyway? I am sure laptops of today are much safer then the laptops of the yester years.) LOL   Also,  I have no real clue if all those comma are in the right spot, but I love this paragraph, so I do not care!) tee hee  =)
Anyway, I guess my point, if there is one to my Saga, is that I will NOT be blogging everyday,(OH, Stop that!  I saw you breath a sigh of relief), whether I have something to say or not.  I will only be posting as my thoughts and time will allow and if that impairs my chances of having a "Groupie" collection well then so be it!

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