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Sunday, May 8, 2011

And the Winner is..... Olivia!

In April our Bella, AKA, Olivia from Our Twilight Corner won a T-shirt from The TwiHard Diet blog site! We just wanted to share a pic or two of Olivia's new shirt.  She loves it, of course.. lol  Gee I wonder why... =)  Thank you Jamie we love your site!!!

Jamie also sent Olivia a bracelet that is just adorable as well... And yes Olivia loves that as well... She just loooovvveesss to show it off in front of me all the time.. lol  

Now that Olivia has Imprinted she has decided to go camping with Jacob this weekend as well, in a TENT!!.. Ha ha
However, sense it rains a lot here in the Northwest, we wish them both the best of luck... lol


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  1. OME!!! That's awesome!! Congratulations Olivia!!! LOVE THE PICS!