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Sunday, November 23, 2014

Two Separate Stephenie Meyer Day celebrations in 2015 to be held at the same time?!?! Say What!!!

I have so many feels about this right now I am not sure where to start... 

There might be two separate Stephenie Meyer Day celebrations during September 10th-13th, 2015. One will be held in Forks, Washington like always, AND the other to be held in St. Helens, Oregon!

I am very torn about these two events, and the dilemma these two sides face right now for sure...  
I love Forks and all the surrounding areas, however Oregon is my home and St. Helens is not far from where I live.
HOWEVER, St. Helens will not have the sign that always welcomes me and my SPARKLE team to Forks. Well, lest face it, it welcomes us ALL to Forks, and we LOVE seeing it!

Change is not always easy, but I am not sure if this kind of change is good or bad.. I am still processing this to be honest.  I love Oregon with my whole heart, but I love the PacNW as a whole as well, and I always look forward to getting way once a year to see my Twifamily in Forks!

Now there will be two events at the same time?!? Now my TwiFamily will be a divided team?!?
UGGGGH, now I know how Bella felt when she was trying to decided between Jacob and Edward!

Can there be a Team Switzerland for these two events and their planners?!?  

Although, I really pray there isn't going to be a choice to be made.  Because I like Bella, will ALWAYS chose Edward!!!  Life is what you make it and for me and my team we ALWAYS have a SPARKLY good time no matter where we go or who we are with! 
What are your thoughts about the two events being held at the same time?  
Which one will you be going too?

Forks where the Twilight Saga books are based on or St. Helens, where some of the filming of the m Twilight  movie was done at?

Decisions decisions... 

Either way it sounds like all of us Twifans have a few really big decisions to make ourselves before September 10th 2015, as well as these two AMAZING cities and their "committee member's", per say, whomever they are...

However, no matter what the out come is, I hope we ALL remember its about fun, friends and the love we ALL share for Twilight Saga!  


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  1. I think it's ridiculous! I read the article from Oregon and even they said Staci would not be planning anything and they don't trust her. I also followed her posts and comments about this and I am shocked she would have the audacity to say that Forks should change their dates for SMD?! It originated there! They started this in 2006! Why should they have to change every thing to accommodate her? Staci has NEVER picked the dates! It has always been the weekend closest to Bellas birthday from the books!

    Staci is now showing us that she has burned too many bridges in Forks and now has to go somewhere else to do her events. If anyone has seen the breakdown of money that she is charging Oregon it's ludicrous!

    She pushed out another group of look a likes to have her own. Those people were so kind and did this not for profit! They were all locals that did it for free and spent money out of their own pockets to be there! No one payed them! No one payed for all their meals or hotel or anything! Why were they pushed out so Staci could take over with her group? That other group was there years before!

    Sorry this is long but I thought it needed to be said