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Sunday, February 27, 2011

Blog, blog, blog,,,, I want your blog.....

Blog, blog, blog,,,, I want your blog.... I want to blog?.... I will blog!
What am I doing? Ok, so what am I doing!?? I am blogging. I am blogging?  Yes, I am blogging!  Oh my goodness there is nothing in my head to blog... Ugh

Alllll righty then... I am sure you are thinking I really don't know what I am doing.... Well that is correct!  I have wanted to "blog" for a while because I do have a lot to say, so I think. Or I have a lot of thoughts I think I should put on paper.  However, its a matter of  opinion if anyone truly wants to here the
bits and pieces, I might have rolling around up stairs.
I have looked up the definition of blog and found it means: read, write, or edit a shared on-line journal; not a bodily function. Thank goodness! Oh yes, I felt the name or word blog is not only not very appealing, but it's down right disgusting sounding.  Anywho, here I go with my poor, but hopefully fun, attempt of having a blog voice.

What will I blog about you ask? Well one MIGHT assume that I will blog about Twilight... Well yes maybe given the fact that this blog is on a Twilight fan site, or it was because I moved it, this blog statement that is. However, I feel the topics of my on-line journal will be just about anything that POPS into my head... =)

So stay tuned it might be a crazy, psychedelic and fun ride in to the mind of a FANPIRE.... Ha ha or something like that...

WARNING!!!  Oh and one caution to all you spelling freaks and geeks out there...
I do use spell check, on-line dictionaries, and read out loud to help with my disability, but I will go on record now that I am a HORRID spelling. So please, please do not e-mail me and tell me I spelled something incorrectly.  I KNOW I SUCK AT IT!  =)

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