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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Cell phone mirror photography etiquette... Ha Ha Is there one?

Ok, there are a few things I have discovered a person should do before taking a picture of themselves in the bathroom mirror or ANY mirror for that matter:

1. Clean the mirror  - Most cameras or camera phones will focus on the spots and not you.
2. Shut toilet lid, PLEASE! - Not very attractive to see along side or in back of you, and if nothing else make sure you have flushed the toilet; that's just nasty.

3. Make sure no friend or family member is walking by half naked, or sleeping  in the same room while you try to snap the next photo of the century for your portfolio on Match.com.

4. Also make sure all doors, windows, and children are either locked, shut or at the babysitters house.  We don't need to expose EVERYTHING to everyone now do we?

So remember folks: What happens in the bathroom should stay in the bathroom... =)


(Don't own any pictures found them on the Internet, of course.)

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  1. OME!! This is soo funny!! I'm just catching up on your blog and didn't see this until now. I did fail on this today!! LOL When I sent you the pic earlier....bathroom was a mess, water spots on the mirror and tampon box in the background!! haha Funny!!