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Thursday, April 7, 2011

Don't be messin with our Corner!

I guess I never gave it much thought about how others view Our Twilight Corner's website and Facebook page, until I got a bizarre request from someone asking to speak to me about my site.  This person was very upset, and highly ticked off to see I had the same type of "title", and fan site as they did for their fan site.  I was a bit taken back as you can imagine.  My first thought was, "REALLY - REALLY - Is this person pokin me?" 
I mean they came at me with all kinds of assumptions, and false accusations.  Ugh, my favorite kind of new friend to meet too.  Yay, ;/....

Honestly the title, and how others would interpret it's meaning was the furthest thing from my mind when this whole Corner thing started, and I never even considered for one second, I would have to explain any of my actions to anyone for its existence.  (Although, I have in a way, and that is another story for sure)  Heck, I truly did not know how or if it would evolve in to anything myself.  It's just for fun people!  Fun! =} 

So for the record, (and I hope I do get this correct):
We, as in myself, my daughter, and a good friend of ours all love The Twilight Saga books, written by Stephenie Meyers.  Along with, the movies which we also love, but who's rights are owned by Summit Entertainment; which do included but not limited to: Twilight, New Moon, Eclipse, and soon to be released Breaking dawn 1 & 2.  (Yes, we even love The Short Second Life of Bree Tanner and all that goes along with Stephenie, and Summit in regards to these books and movies.  Actually, I am not a fan of Summit, but I guess I have to give them some credit, right?)  ;)

Therefore, what started out to focus ONLY or MAINLY on Edward, Jacob, Bella, and the whole Twilight Clan, Coven, Werewolf, Vampire, Crazy Fan, SPARKLY hobby has now turned into more of a simile of sorts.  A play on words that interact with or relate to fun moments in time, whether it be past, present or future.  

I am going to attempt to keep this brief here...Haha, I think that went out the window a few paragraphs back, but here I go.....

Our Corner is a representation of all things we love, or we
find peace with: whether it is an object we cherish, a
favorite geographical location we love to spend time at,
or a particular moment in time we have spent with our family and friends. 

Life is too short to have issues, but let's face it, well all do. Lord knows this person did today.  Our Corner, to the three of us, holds memories about sharing a love not only for the "Saga", but sharing a number of gut busting laughs, personal secrets, and one crazy adventure with plans for more of them in the not, so distant future; we hope! =)

I care for our Corner, and the fan items in said Corner because a few items were gifts, I am, of course, a fan of the Twilight Saga, and I think it's funny.  It has become, in a way, very therapeutic for me to enjoy, and share Our Twilight Corner with others from around world.  I am delighted to learn, discover and enjoy having others share their Corners of the world with me as well; Twilight related or NOT!  So you see that crazy little region has become a play on words, a simile, so to speak to mean other things we love and cherish. 

Furthermore, what's amusing is I had to justify our Corner to a person, who literary jumped all up in my Corner, without gathering any facts, and assumed our site was a newborn trying to rustle in on their Twilight action. Ha!   But hey aren't we all on the same team? Hmm, that statement sounds vaguely familiar?  Hah, hah, hah -  Well I guess not! Not on the same team that is.....

Anywhoooo, again lets set the record straight.... The "Saga", the Twilight Saga was Stephenie Meyers baby!  She had the sparkly, fantastic, romantic, wonderful dream not any of us fans, so I am not sure why this person thought my Corner was there's in anyway shape or form, or that I was even remotely trying to copy their Corner to being with; when truly it is us fans who are not only trying to copying Stephenie Meyers Corner of the world, but some of us are trying to move in, and take over for complete and utter Twi-domination...  ;/  lol

Also, our Corner has evolved to represent something other then a book or a movie.  Its deeper, and I don't believe this person, who was all up in my Corner today, will ever understand that kind of "inner peace", for lack of a better word.  The kind of peace which comes from sharing, listening and being kind to others whether you know them or not or can see them or not.

But I'll tell you what... *Breathing heavy, and gettin all worked up like Jacob* 
If anyone attacks our Corner like this again, I will have to go all Cullen on there sparkly butts, and ReVamp their Saga for sure! =)


  1. What a sad pathetic world it is when people think they have the right to question such things. I like your corner and check it daily from my personal blog.

    I saw her request asking to speak to you in private and thought it odd. I think you were overly kind. I would have told her to go f#*k herself.

  2. hahaha, michelle, you are hillarious, I know I sure wanted to go at her with the ferocity of a PMSing mother Grizzly Bear. THIS IS OUR CORNER. Get the hell out of it if you cannot be understanding and at least want the best for twilight fans out there, good job Lynn, you handled the situation beautifully.

    and the blog was wonderful. :)

  3. Amen sister!! My favorite part was the end.... "breathing heavy like Jacob" LOL You're sooo good with words I love it. You have a way of writing like your speaking to the reader. Excellent job in handling the situation. I would be more like what Michelle and Olivia said! LOL That girl had no right or claim to do that. You should have told her to go stand in the corner..... just not your corner!! LOL :)

  4. Thanks ladies! For all your support! It wasn't really that easy being the mature person in all this.. Is it ever?
    Like I said this blog, facebook page, and enjoying all things Twilight is therapeutic for me.

    I try to be a good person, and not get all Wolfed up over things, but damn! Daaaamn! ;/
    There are just some people out there that make me, well - that make me..... you know I am at a loss for words. :/

    It truly breaks my heart every time I run into ridiculously self centered, immature, ill-behaved, and irresponsible little twits like this one.
    I could say more, but what's the point. Maybe that person just needed a hug. (Yeah from Emmett, so he could tear them apart and burn the pieces.) ;)
    Or maybe they had too much sugar that day.... Who knows... I don't want to lose confidence in the human race just yet, but DAMN, grrrr, with this kind of presentation out I don't dare hold my breath.