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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Becoming Edward ~Contest~

I know I am a bit behind on this, however Twilight Blogs is having a contest to win a new book by British author Faye Meredith.  The book is titled Becoming Edward which is about Rachel who is hooked on Twilight and is in love with Edward Cullen. Clive is obsessed with Rachel but he’s no Edward. Lewis is in love with himself until he meets Rachel.  Both boys fail to win her until one of them has the bright idea of becoming Edward.

Unfortunately, I have been away from my PC this holiday weekend, searching for some Twilight, and was not able to post this info sooner.  Contest closes tonight, July 5th 2011 at midnight, so please enter SOON!  Like now! =)

Anyway, the rules of the contest are simple. You need to comment on Twilight Blogs web site and Facebook page under Becoming Edward Contest and tell Twilight Blogs how you’d feel if someone became Edward for you.  Twilight Blogs will chose a winner. 

I just thought it would be fun to give Twilight Blogs a shout out, a plug for the book, Becoming Edward, and post my comment here on my blog as well...  I am sure my comments are not very exciting, but after 20 plus years of being married I give up on hoping, wishing, or even praying to turn my man sparkly and thinking his Edwardism will come out anytime soon for me; in order to become his Spider Monkey.  =)  However, he works hard, is a great provider and one of my best friends I have ever had.  Oh trust me, I could choke him just about every week, but I can't change him and I wont change him.  I love him, and in my eyes he is, and always will be to some degree my Edward Cullen....  =}

Here is what I posted for Twilight Blogs Becoming Edward contest:

How would I feel if someone became Edward for me?:  Well first off I'd probably pass out, although I am already married, so its a little late for any man to change for me now.  Unfortunately, (not in a bad way), I did not marry my Edward Cullen but I wouldn't change him "much", nor would I want anyone to change for me in that sense of the way either.  I love my man for who he is, and even though I am sure this book, Becoming Edward, is fantastic because who doesn't love everything and anything about Twilight?! 
Nonetheless, I know the difference between reality and fantasy, and I don't always live with my head in the clouds 24/7; only part time.  Anyway, you are who you are, and I would hate for a man, to be fake, phony or bogus just to win a woman's love; us ladies get enough of that these days as it is.  Don't get me wrong I would be exceedingly flattered for sure if a guy wanted to TRY to become Edward Cullen, but still tremendously disappointed.  I love Edward and all he brings to the Twilight Saga;  he is one of a kind to say the least, so fat chance on changing that fellas...  
Although, it would be sooooo magnificent, amazing, and incredible if men would learn from Edward, Edwardism as I like to call it, and change first for themselves before changing for us women.  However, please, please, PLEASSSSSSSE all you men out there keep trying to SPARKLE for us women anytime you want too!  It would be a nice for a change ... Once that happens men will win women's hearts' all over the world....-- including mine.  =)  

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