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Sunday, October 16, 2011

Free lanyards at Hot Topic. Go now; run!

Sunday is a prefect day to visit Hot Topic once again in order to find more Breaking Dawn souvenirs I really don't need, but I just really want! :0) Yes, I know I need supervision when it comes to Twilight souvenirs, but I'm ok with that!
Besides, it was fun and I got to spend a few hours hanging out with my kids. That's never a bad thing!
Anyway, Hot Topic is having a sale right now where if you buy one T-shirt at regular price you will get the second one half price. Yep, so we bought two more Breaking Dawn shirts. How can we not? Um, don't really answer that. Ok
Plus, if you purchase a BD1 shirt you get a free lanyard with each shirt. Yay!
Yeah, so we ended up getting an Edward and Jacob lanyard, HOLA! Haha
Oh did you all know they have a BD1 hoodie out as well??! I loved it, buuuuuut it's $50.00 and I already have a ton of hoodies. But it's pretty awesome! Here is a pic of the front and back of it thought if you want to see one before you buy.
Oh and did you know they have BD1 earrings out too? It's a cute little three pack as well.
However, the BD1 locket necklace is my favorite. Although, I might get a longer chain for it someday. Kind of short, but its pretty cool to have Edward and Jacob's photos in it and wrapped around my neck!!! :0)

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