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Sunday, October 23, 2011

More Breaking Dawn treasures

Yep, couldn't help myself and went back for more Breaking Dawn items at Hot Topic.

Hey, their accessories are buy one get one 50% off right now.   Picked up the Team Edward and Jacob wrist bands.  However, a little disappointed in the Edward one because its kind of hard to read/see it.   The purple is too dark agents the black that's on it.   Snagged the key chains and book markers too.

I have to say I'm very disappointed in our HT here in Salem, Oregon though.  No stickers or Bella's hair comb yet either, and when I asked the guy who was working about them he just said, "no that's it lady." Ugh whatever!
So eventually, I'll get to the one in Portland and see if they have more items, but for now I'm broke so I'll have to stop shopping and start saving again. :)

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