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Saturday, November 5, 2011

Epic Fail! 7-11 Breaking Dawn Slurpee Cups...

Had to pick up my son from a friends house tonight, and on our way home I decided we needed to hunt down the 7-11 Breaking Dawn Slurpee cups.
Yeah, it didn't happen!  Went to three 7-11's in my area and none of them had the cups, nor did they even have a clue as to what I was talking about when I asked the employee about them. Ugh, hate working with amateurs.
Yes, I was very, very sad the Slurpee cups were just cups!
Although, I did find out 7-11 now has sugar free Slurpee's, so that's good right?  Not a wasted night after all.  Shows you how long it's been sense I've set foot in a 7-11. Lol
Anyway, we may not have found any Breaking Dawn Slurpee cups tonight, but I did get a yummy sugar free Slurpee.  First one in years, and had a good time running in and out of 7-11's tonight with my son.   He is a good sport most of the time when his mommy is on a Twilight pursuit.  Oh, and yeah that's a little man's face behind me in the photo above... Ha ha   Yeah, he walked by when I was trying to get a photo of me and my Slurpee.. EPIC FAIL!    I was nice and covered his face though.. tee hee
HOLY Rice Crispy Treats!  Yeah, huge!  What do you do with a treat that big anyway??? ha ha   Great night and I hope they do sell the Breaking Dawn Slurpee cups in the USA, but I have a feeling we wont be seeing those anytime soon...  I really, really hope I am wrong though.  The sugar free one was pretty good, but I am not going back until I see the cups are in!  lol  =0)

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