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Friday, November 4, 2011

Score! Twilight Treasures found at Target!

Went to Target tonight, alone, to buy ONE, yes ONE, Breaking Dawn ornament, and well as you will see I did NOT walk out the door with just ONE of anything... ha ha   I will tell ya this I had a great time even though my Twilight Corner girls were all out doing other things tonight.  =0)
 As you can see I got Water for Elephants as well, and US magazine's Breaking Dawn addition which by the way can I just tell you is AMAZING!!!! Wow, lots of large pic's and posters from the movie.. Yay.. 
Oh by the way, I bought ALL the BD ornaments they had... Mwwwaaaahhhh.  They will look good on my tree, and in Our Twilight Corner, so what can I say.. =0)   
You can't really see, but I had to throw in some gum when I was checking out just, so I wouldn't look like a total TwiHard.. Too late!  Like theres any kind of camouflage for us.  The guy who checked me out knew I was a Twilighter, so did the girl in front of me, and the woman behind me as well figures it out.  Maybe it was because I kind of told them, but hey, I didn't mind being a SPARKLY beacon in the sky tonight.  Hey, I got what I came for and more!  =0) 
Everywhere I went in Target tonight there items that reminded me of Twilight.  From this cute sparkly stocking which had an E embroidered on it, to very cool wrapping paper and this awesome bed set which I think might look better in our bedroom then Bella's purple bed set, but I am not sure about that.   I still really want Bella's bed set too.. =0) 
I know chocolate is not very Twilightish, but HOLY CROW will you check out the size of these babies.  Who really needs a Reeses Peanut butter cup that weighs 2 pounds.  Ugh..  Really?  Oh and that Tootsies Roll is like 12 to 15 inches long.... Wow!  Anyway, lets remember the holidays are coming, so be careful out there people... Can't run with the Cullens if we are dancing with one of the seven deadly sins.... i.e. Gluttony.  =0)
Well there is NOTHING completely wrong with this photo... It's actually a photo in one of my favorite isles at the store.  However, when I see them displayed in the wrong order my OCD kicks in, and not the obsessed Cullen disorder either.  No, I have to put them in the correct order from left to right... I know, I know, but come on its TWI-liticaly incorrect to not have these fantastic books displayed properly.  lol 
HUBBA HUBBA!  Need I say more?  I think NOT!  
You know Target kind of ROCKS when it comes to Twilight treasure.  I mean who doesn't love walking by this display as well?  The hard part for me was trying to remember if I have the collectors addition of Eclipse or not; Blu Ray... I am pretty sure I do, but almost bought first and checked later..  =0)
So this is my only real beef I had with Target or Summit I should say while I was there... I usually look high and low for Twilight/Breaking Dawn items every chance I get and never ever seem to find any.  Why?  Who knows I guess because Summit or whoever only wants to put souvenirs out when THEY feel like it, not when us Twilighters want or need a fix.  
However, look what I found in the Christmas area.  A Lord of the Rings Pez dispenser because I guess its very, very, very big right now and everyone wants one?  Come on, don't get me wrong.  I love LOTR, but Pez???  Okay!  So my beef with Summit and the Pez heads?  Summit needs to put out more Twilight treasures, more often, and not feed us crap all the time... Give us some good stuff Summit, but not Pez.  UGH!  Crazy!  tee hee 
Found this cutie on the net and just had to share it!!!  Yay!

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