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Sunday, November 13, 2011

Treaty line has always been drawn...

Team Edward or Team Jacob?  Do you have a treaty line in your home?  I know this morning my daughter made sure everyone in our house knew ours.  Not like they didn't already though... ha ha 
Just so you know this Corner in our home has now become the treaty line between my room and my daughter's room.  Savanna, my daughter and one of Our Twilight Corner girls, can bounce back and forth between Team Edward and Jacob, but I cannot.  However, now that there is only 4 days until we see Breaking Dawn part 1, Savanna is making it very clear who is on what team.  lol
This photo is of my room, my bed to be exact.  I am very much TEAM EDWARD!  =0)  Savanna decided this morning to get us ready for Twilight Tuesday, and make sure we all know who's team we are each on.  She carefully placed pocket Edward and Barbie Edward in my bed, making sure my Edward fleeces were properly displaced as well.   I am sure her father will highly appreciate the new additions to our bed. =0)
As you can see Savanna is Team Jacob, and she informed me her room will stay this way until and possibly long after BD1 comes out. Tee hee... I LOVE IT!  Team spirit is always welcomed in my home.  However, I prefer to SPARKLE like there is no tomorrow then melt.  

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