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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Twilight's sexy secrets!

Oh WOW, Decembers addition of People magazine is awesome!  Did you get your copy yet?
I got mine!  As soon as I saw it I through it in my shopping cart.  Who needs yams on Thanks Giving?  Not me!  Not when you can see a Breaking Dawn Wedding shot like these.. 
Wow, the one where Edward and Bella are standing up at the "alter" is a fantastic photo!  It's a magical moment for sure!  I know it felt that way for me.   I mean when Edward and Bella got hitched and everyone started to clap I soooooooo wanted to stand up in the movie theater and yell, clap and dance myself because it seemed like it took FOREVER for us to get to this point!  It felt like I was part of the wedding party.  Didn't you?  I have seen the movie 6 times now and still want to cheer every time for the happy couple.... tee hee  
Headboard, feathers and bruises on my!  Can you imagine waking up to a busted headboard, feathers and a sparkly Vamp husband?... Um, uh, -yeah, well I think we all can!!!   tee hee  Anywhoo, have fun reading this one...

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