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Saturday, November 19, 2011

When it all Ends ~ No more Edward/Twilight

I really agree with this poem my friend wrote,"When it all Ends",  and I would love to hear your feedback as well.  Please leave a comment.  I would love to hear them.  =0)
      Poem by:Rebecca Darna-Stokes
When I first read this poem I did just that, I read it, but didn't really READ it until now.  I have to say it really strikes a cord with me.  Let me start by saying, after I saw Breaking Dawn part 1 I had all kind of emotions stir in me just like all of you did I am sure who have seen the movie by now.  
However, I still had one sinking emotion in the middle of my heart, my mind, my soul I could not place my finger on.  This morning after reading this poem again I now know what I am feeling.  
Yes, even though I love, just love BD1, and I am excited and happy it has finally arrived.  I am also completely and utterly beside myself with sadness and grief.  Why? Because I don't want any of this to end.  I love waiting with child like excitement for the next Twilight movie to come out, and knowing the very last one is less then a year away; well I am already very sad and depressed it's all coming to an end.  
I love my Twi-Highs, I am not ready to give them up, and will never let Twilight die; EVER!  However,its hard to replace and describe the feeling you get when a new Twilight book, treasure or movie comes out. There will probably never, ever be any more Twilight books, the Twilight treasures come with the movies, and are usually hard to find, and so in the last four years the movies are really all we have left.  
It really saddens me to think this is it.  Honestly, Breaking Dawn part 1 was so, so good to me that if there was never going to be another movie after BD1, I could live with that, per say.  
Although don't' get me wrong, I am glad there is one more movie to look forward to because like I said I am not ready to give up my current Twi-High, but I will take this last year to truly love the ones I do receive from any and all media hype.  I will also completely cherish the ones I have learned to create on my own in order to get my TwiFix to help lift my spirits when I am feel sad or gloomy.
Such as trips to Forks, visiting Twilight filming locations, my own Twilight adventures which can be anything that reminds me of the happiness I get from Twilight: hanging out, chatting, texting, and facebooking with all my Twi-friends who love the stories as much as I do.  And when I am feeling completely blue I will raise my spirits once again, by enjoying the excitement I feel when I re-read and watch the movies over, and over, and over again..... 
I will never, ever get tired of doing that!


  1. My dear friend! I want to hug you from here, from Russia, in gratitude for this post.
    I am also sad and happy. And after the premiere I am reliving again and again the Breaking Dawn.

    And it much more sadder for me because I became a Twilighter so late. I am a new-born here (1 year)! And I envy you vigorously for living in Twilight at least since 2005! It makes me weep - this regret of the lost time and ignorance. Till 2010 I did not know that somewhrere there is such a magical phenomenon, that would change my life. This year was fantastic for me - all the books, films, all this Twilight world crushed on me.

    I live in a constant happiness, in a huge universal wave of Twilight love. It is like an explosion. And I feel it right now - during the premieres.

    I wish I had truly devoted Twilighter among my frineds, but there is none.

    Next year I am planning to visit the USA, BD 2lures me.

    Twilight makes us young. When we will be gray-haired we will recognize each other by the same sparkles in our eyes.
    We are forever young, and forever (as we now know) is only the beginning.

  2. I teared up reading this.. I will always love Twilight too. And always keep it in my heart :) forever. I know exactly what u are saying and the poem was beautiful, and sad at the same time. Thanks for blogging about this, it made me realize that even though its almost over, we will still have the books, movies, and friends to cherish always :).

    Angie from Pure Twilight

  3. i feel the same twilight has pulled me out of some deep depression and still does when it gets dark for me at least ill be able to have all the books and pull them out over and over again.I pray and hope midnight sun will great us soon.

  4. wow...I just read this with tears in my eyes... It's sooo incredibly likely as how I feel. You described it soo well. And even not knowing to, and not having talked to any of these people here, I instantly feel we are all ''friends'', we all have something in common, and you can tell that as soon as you read the comments.
    Twilight World WILL NEVER COME TO END. EVER!!

    Cause we all know that for us Twilight it's not just a ''great movie'' or (as a hater would said: the most corny stupid teenage phenomenon) It's a world where all ages are welcome, where you can inmerse yourself whenever you feel blue, alone or any other feeling, happy ones too.

    It's a place where we'll never get old, a place we'll never leave, a place for us to keep in our hearts FOR EVER ('CAUSE THAT'S JUST THE BEGINING)

  5. Thanks everyone for your wonderful comments! I am just happy we all have Twilight in our lives! It has been an amazing journey and I wouldn't change a thing! =0)

  6. elvira, i know what you mean!! I cried when I finished the books because it ended, i cant imagine how i will feel when its truly over. I also have no one to share my love of twilight so im so thankful to be able to get online. I never got to go to any of the big premiers or forks or any of the conventions but im faithfully standing in line for hours at the movie theater waiting for the movie and you will always see me standing around the local walmart in our small town waiting for that midnight dvd. Im so excited for the next BD but so sad the see it come. Even though i dont know you guys and the only communication i have with you is through an online post, just being able to share my thoughts and laugh with you for a few minutes makes me very thankful for you.