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Sunday, December 18, 2011

Twilight Moment ~ Paper Cut!

Sadly, Savanna my daughter got a small cut on her finger while at Target last week, yes I know how convenient, so we decided to head on over and buy a box of band-aids.  
Of course we made Jasper and Bella jokes as we walked to that part of the store, but what caught my eye was this little tiny box that said, "Help, I've cut myself."  
Now how cute is that?  Oh yes, the Jasper jokes started to fly then for sure.... 
However, look at this little thing.  It's perfect for anyone, but fangtastic for us Twilighters! 
Soooo in other words, no "Bella" should be without these just in case you need to keep from making Jasper crazy, and want to kill you all the time... ha ha

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