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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Breaking Dawn Parody by The Hillywood Show is FANTASTIC!

If you have NOT seen the new parody from those AMAZING Twi-sisters, Hilly and Hannah Hindi then you must!!!  I LOVE IT!  Once again they have made me laugh so hard I peed my pants!  
Thanks Hilly and Hannah!!!  You ROCK!
What's even more exciting for me is the fact that I saw names in the SPECIAL THANKS of people or places I know!  Like Leppell's FlowersThey are located in Forks, Washington, and are considered to be Twilight Central!  Yay!!!   
It's a great shop with wonderful employees!!!  It is a must see when you are in Forks!!! 
Check them out on Facebook too!!
*Wink wink* Whitney "Meyer"... Tee hee   =o)
A few more names I recognized was Staci Chastain and Christilynn Botti!!!  
Staci helps run, and orgainze the Stephenie Meyer Day celebration which takes place every year in Forks. 
Well what can I say about Christilynn other than she is an AMAZING Bella Swan look-a-like!  Check out her facebook page: Inside-Bellas-Closet. LOVE IT!  Plus she is, once again, the official Bella Swan for this years SMD's!  Super, duper excited to go! Only 225 days left!  =o)
Oh and a while back The Hillywood Show enlisted fans to help donate to the Breaking Dawn part 1 parody, and any fan who donated a specific dollar amount also got their names listed in the credits.  YAY!

Well guess whose name I saw pop up?  Yep, my very own TWIBFF, Lisa Hadley, who is the creator of Twilighters Dream page on facebook!!!  Yay Lisa!!! MISS YOU GIRL!

Anyway, I want to give a very big WHOOP WHOOP and two thumbs way up to all the fans out there who were able to donated to this funny, but worth while cause.  Yes cause because part of the donations the Hillywood Show raised went to , The St. Jude Children's Research Hospital!  

Thank you Ladies!  =o)

Anywhooo, if you have not seen the Breaking Dawn Part 1 Parody check it out now! 

Source: The HillyWood Show

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