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Friday, October 12, 2012

Breaking Dawn Pt2 Trading Cards!

I got my FULL deck of BD2 trading cards tonight!!!
They are very cool, and can't wait to put them with the rest of my Twi collection!
I'll post more photos of them on Our Twilight Corner Facebook page!!! Yay!!! :0)
$40 bucks on EBay!! Very good deal considering what I have paid for some trading cards.
 Christmas at the Cullen's I bet is AWESOME if you are a fast growing child like Renesmee!  Man what I wouldn't give to be part of that family; if they were really real that is! =o)
Ha ha , I love the look on Stefan's face in this pic. What was Summit thinking when they said, "Yes, this is a good one. Send it to print."  Ugh, what do they think we are that obtuse? Oh well, I still love the cards! 
Awwww, love Alice and Jasper!!
I love the fake passports for Jacob and Renesmee as well.. Very cute last names ya know.. lol 
Now my Twilight Saga trading Card collection is complete, so to speak.  I just wish they had made BD1 trading cards as well.  All I have to show for them are the Comic Con 2011 cards, but I guess though are better than nothing. 
to go now until BD2 comes out!! 
I love how the trading cards form a "poster" on one side. That has always been a very cool feature about these cards I really enjoy.  
I have never really been a big trading card fan until now.  I have a few very old Star Wars cards when I was a kid, but never did get a complete set. Not really sure why though... 
However, now I have a complete set of not only  BD1, well the Comic Con ones, and BD2, but I also have Twilight, New Moon and Eclipse!  Yay!  I got them all on Ebay just so you know.. I did NOT pay an arm and a leg for them all it really wasn't that bad... Just a leg... ha ha =o) 
Anyway, happy hunting and remember always keep the SPARKLE alive!! :0)

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