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Saturday, January 19, 2013

Coolest Twilight Sign I have Ever Found!!

Holy Crow check out my new Twilight sign!!
This is going to look FANGTASTIC in my TwiGirl Cave!!
Now I want one for each movie, but I am soooo gonna need a bigger cave!!! 
Unfortunately, the seller does NOT have any more, but I bet if you messaged him/her they might hook ya up with somethings just as SPARKLY as this one!
I will keep y'all posted as to where I actually hang this at since my Twigirl Cave is filling up fast.  However, I JUST LOVE THIS! Eeeeeek!  
Oh even my hubby thought this was a very cool TwiFind which he always says I have too much, "Damn sparkly stuff" so this must be a TwiCool item for sure if he likes it.. ha ha ha ;)

Here is the link below in WHITE:
Happy TwiHunting SPARKLY Peeps!
Always Keep'in the SPARKLE alive!!!

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  1. Ah i tried to get some of these off ebay a while ago but by the time i saw them they were all out, i did messsage them but they never answered....will def try this link as i would love this!!! Thanks x