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Thursday, August 22, 2013

Twilight Forever 2014 Calendar

Look what Our Twilight Corner received  today from a WONDERFUL, and AMAZING TwiFriend!
I love it!!!
Thank you Darina!!!
As soon as you are able to buy this Twi-treasure do it! Its a MUST have for any Twifan!

The photos of this calendar are truly BEAUTIFUL! 
Back side
I love how they take us visually through some of the best scenes of all the Twilight movies each month.. 
I am actually having a hard time deciding if I want to open this or not.  I might have to keep it all 
SPARKLY clean, and buy another once it comes out this fall.. 
I just LOVE August!! 
Oh who am I kidding its all about Twilight so I love each, and every month!!! 
I am not sure where my TwiFriend got this one from, but if you would like to have one for your 
very own Twilight Corner, then check out Awesome ToyzThey are taking pre orders now.  
I might even have to pick up a few more for myself!  Eeeeeeeeeeeekkk, it really is 
SPARKLY awesome!! :D

Thanks again Darina for this awesome TwiGift.  For all your kindness, and for always #KeepingTheSparkleAlive 

It is truly touching! 

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