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Saturday, March 7, 2015

Is your sparkle meter running on empty?

I don't know about you, but I love to dance!! 

Dancing makes me very HAPPEE! 
Especially, when I am feeling a little blue. Dancing even just a little bit, really brightens my day.

And in MY OWN mind, I am as graceful as Josephine Baker, and I have moves as smooth as Channing, HOTTIE, Tatum!!!

HOWEVER, in relativity this is NOT the case.  

Sadly I was NOT blessed with grace, and amazing dance moves to RULE the world with.. Hard to believe I know!  Hey, I have had to live with this fact my whole life. *tear tear* 

Although, hours of therapy have helped. I still hate myself EVERY day for it...  Bawhahaha KIDDING!! No really kidding!! Geeeez :P
Okay my point simply is this... 
My lack of great moves, and grace have never stopped me from bustin out a move whenever and where ever I have I felt like it, and it should NEVER stop you either. Especially, when an AMAZING-BALL song comes one!  
The funny part is, I am usually alone when the Sparkly, feeling hits me. This is NOT a bad thing because then I can finally have control over the radio/Ipod. Which getting control over any remote, is a luxury in its self. This is a fact, I am sure we can all relate too... 

Anyhooo, to simply sum up my point. If you too need to increase your Inner Sparkler.... 

Yup, it's that simple, and really what would it hurt to just try it some time.
Come on you know you wanna! 

Soooo, what makes you Happy??

Please tell me in the comments section below of my blog. I really do want to know.. 

Because YOU ROCK!!

Oh by the way.
I started a new fb group page too! I would love to see you there!

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