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Sunday, May 8, 2011

Behind closed doors.... Ha ha

OME, so the gang from Our Twilight Corner got together with Anna who also runs a facebook page called Twili-fye one Saturday afternoon and we had a blast.  We had sooo much fun chill-in and hanging out....
Here is just one little clip of the fun we had.  Anna had not clue I was filming her while she played with the Twilight dolls.. Ha ha  
Thanks for being a good sport, and letting me post this. =)

Twilighters: What they do when they think no one is watching... lol

Anna has a web site where she will Vamp you out for a small fee if you send her a photo.  Plus she is also a part-time photographer.  Check out her page its fantastic. 
We had no idea how close we lived until we started to chit chatting on line.  I just love how Twilight can bring people together and help make new friends.


  1. LOL ! Oh my goodness!!! That was a fun day!! You ladies are the best :-)

  2. I love that no one knew we were being recorded! LOL Nice undercover video skills Lynn :)