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Sunday, May 8, 2011

We hadn't even left the drive way.....

Ok, so just so you know our little Bella, AKA Olivia was in Australia for a few months, and finally made it back to the USA, Yay, but we haven't had a change to hang out and play catch up.  So a few days a go we finally decided get together and kick it Twilight style.  We just wanted to do the usual stuff Twilighters do when they hang out; eat pizza, watch Twilight movies and drool over RP and TL all day long. LOL You know, the usual stuff. 
Well Olivia is good friends with Anna who runs Twili-fye on facebook and suggested that Anna come over and hang out in the Corner with us all as well so we can finally meet.  Turned out to be a Twitastic day for sure...
Anyway, Lisa from Twilighters Dream is run a Robert Pattinson birthday contest and we decided to enter the contest too, but we were lacking on idea's for some reason.  Well we decided to pack up the cutouts and hit the road.  Off to find Twilight related landmarks or something... I think we found the something more than anything... lol
We ended up hanging out on the corner of 46th and Twilight in Salem Oregon for the longest time... Ha ha   I am sure the neighbors just loved us.
I am not sure who was more excited though.... As you can see Savanna from the Corner was really happy to be here...
She took this as a sign... Hah, hah, hah....
Umm, as you can see I think something was in the air this day...Ha ha   Cause Olivia was pretty excited too... You would have thought we struck gold by finding a Twilight sign so close to home...
Anna was trying to keep her cool, but I know better now after spending the afternoon with her.. lol 
If you go check out one of my other post you will know Anna likes to cut lose too; Twilight style...lol
Anna is awesome and has decided to go to Forks with us in Sept. 2011 for Stephenie Meyers days... Yay... This trip will be Epic!
After we were done malling the Twilight sign we quickly googled and found an Edward sign...
Now that's where the fun really started... Ha ha ha 
This street was a little busier then the Twilight Corner and well we got lots of honks, and howlers for sure..
I bet we could have made some money if we had a sign that said, "Will work for Twilight." lol
Now once we got back in the car to head home this is where the real fun started... Yep, when we got back in the car.  Can you believe that?  
You will see when you watch the video below..
Oh, man we hadn't even left the drive way where we were parked, and the Twilighters were losing it... I told the girls we needed a dash cam, so I turned on my camera and well... Yeah, you'll see...

I kid you not if we had this much fun in a few hours right in our own back yard I can only imagine what five Twilight fans driving to Forks this fall will be like.  It will be so much fun. Can't wait!
I am soooo getting a dash cam by then though so we can document that adventure for sure... =) 


  1. I LOVE it! You all are so funny! I wish I were there too!!! :0) So glad you made a video...I was laughing so hard! Thanks for sharing!

  2. This is my favorite post yet!!! What an awesome day, i keep replaying the video, we are definitely on the verge of Twi-tard here......=)