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Saturday, December 24, 2011

If it's not on facebook it must be true???

So I have a funny story to share with you all…

There is a coffee shop/restaurant across from where I work, and if I leave my window open to the office I can hear the employees of the coffee shop talking, chatting and breaking things on a regular bases. 

Ok, so today I hear this…

Customer: Hey, I’ll take a caramel macchiato, decafe, extra foam – skinny…
Employee: Skinny?
Customer: Yeah why?
Employee: Aren’t you pregnant?
Customer: *GASP* NO, why would you think that?
Employee: I totally thought you were pregnant because of “this” guys facebook status.

{HA HA HA}... Now why on earth would anyone just out right say, “Aren’t you pregnant?” to another person?  Especially, if it’s something you read off of another person’s facebook status…OH MY GAWD, is all I want to say!  That’s horrid…
Some people need to learn that unless a woman is holding a baby in her arms one should never assume a woman is pregnant or has ever given birth for that matter.  And you best make sure it’s her baby she is holding before saying a word to her.  You just don’t go there. No way. Not cool!

What’s funny about this story, and more to the point of what I am trying to say; we have this huge electronic reader board near the freeway where we live that states,  “The end is near.” 
Both my kids and I have caught sight of this sign a few times, but the last time we drove by my son laughed and chuckled out loud, knowing we all saw the sign again, “But it’s not even 2012 yet?”  
My oldest with a very serious look on her face pops off with, “Yeah and I have not even read that on facebook either.” {Lots of laughter from all of us}

So the moral of my stories must be:  If it’s not a status update on facebook then it must not be true, it must not be happening, or its not gonna happen??!  {Hah, hah, hah}

Really people? Really!? What is the world coming too? ;/

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