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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Forks isn't always full of SPARKLE!

As I was cruising through my Tweets today on Tweeter I came across a story that kind of touched me.  I know this happens all over the world, but this one really hit me because I am a Twilighter and love all things Twilight.

I try to stay in tune with all Twi-stories, as all good Twilighters do, and when I read this story I just felt sad, helpless, and angry!  Grrrrrrrrr!
Please read Jessica's story and if you can help or know anyone who can help then please let her know. 

Jessica helps run Twilight Tours In Forks and even though I have never personally been on one of their tours I have heard they are FANTASTIC.  Jessica has always been kind and respectful to me when I have Tweeted or Facebooked her, and I do not feel her story should go unnoticed.  She does a great job representing Forks!

I've been to Forks and plan to go back soon; great little town Twilight aside.  Love the area very, very much! 
It just breaks my heart to read this kind of info. happening in a town that should SPARKLE and SHINE not DISTRUST AND DECEIT. 
Makes me wish I could put on my angry face and do something more to help, but for now I will write. 

Jessica I wish nothing, but the best for your family, and a speedy recovery for your husband as well.!!!

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