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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Forks, La Push and Port Angeles in 1000 pictures or less...

My daughter and I took our first Twilgrimage to Forks, Washington in July 2010
and we had a fantastic time! 
(I have been meaning to blog about all we saw and did before now, but have
not found the time to really sit down and share...) 
You all know how life can be... *Sigh*
Anyhoo, this was the best way I could think of.  I know some of the pic's are tiny,
but I believe you get he "pic"...ha ha  

It was a wonderful mother, daughter weekend we will never forget.
The things we saw, the hikes we took, the bonding we did and the Twilight
we bought. Oh, and buy we did!
Our Twilight Corner exploded for sure.. lol  

Also, we had great weather as well which is not always something you get
in the Northwest.  However, I have to say the very, very best part of it all was the
fact that it was just me,my daughter and Twilight!

Need I say more? =)

Oh, but we are planning another trip back to Forks this fall for
Stephenie Meyer's days, but this time its not just the two of us.  This time we will be road tripping it up to Forks with a ton of Twi-friends! YAY!!!

Some of our friends are even flying in from Florida!!!

It's a Twilighters Dream for sure! ;)

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  1. Awww yay!! I can't wait!! WE are gonna have soooo much fun!!! It's gonna be EPIC!! The total trip of a life time! :)