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Sunday, August 28, 2011

Get your SPARKLE on

I kind have a funny story for you today...
As I stood in my bedroom this morning sprinkling  my pale skin with some lovely perfume my son yelled at me from down the hallway, "Oh my gawd MOM, I can smell you SPARKLE from here!" 
I couldn't help, but secretly giggle and feel the need to share this huge accomplishment with you all right away.  Oh yes this is a huge accomplishment.  Why might you ask is this an accomplishment?  Why do I refer to this small exchange between mother and son, about how he felt I was putting to much perfume on and stinking up the joint, as an accomplishment? 
Well because he used a certain word, a fantastic word, without being provoked.  He referenced to my perfume, my fragrance of choice for the day as my sparkle.   My sparkle!  My life is complete now to some degree.  HA HA
You see I have referred to, bombarded and barraged my friends and family with the word SPARKLE like you wouldn't believe.   I have loved shinny, twinkle things, gleaming, glittery things, and all things that shimmer, shine and dazzle since I can remember.  However, Twilight and my love for it has solidify my sparkly obsession even more.  I try not to let a day go by where I don't get my SPARKLE on some how, or glisten like diamonds in the sunlight or moonlight for that mater, in order to put a smile on my face.  tee hee =0) 
Its fun and I enjoy putting a little sparkle on whether its attitude or product to lighten my mood if only for myself, if not for everyone else's protection or benefit.  If you feel good you project this to the world and the world has enough problems without me adding to it.  So when I say his reference to my aroma is an accomplishment what I really mean is now I am not the only one who Twilight has seduced in one form or another. 
Conscious or subconscious he said it out loud and without hesitation.  He didn't just say my perfume stunk or that I was stinky.  He said he could smell my sparkle and that to me is not a bad thing.  Although, you might be thinking that I was putting  too much on and that's why he yelled this, but in actuality my sparkly fragrance does not stink and I was not putting that much on.  (At least that's what he told me b/c I did ask him and he said no it smelled nice.  lol )  Not that I have to justify this to you all, but I'm just sayin... =0)  It does however, have sparkles in it so my skin will glimmer in the light and its fragrance is light an airy which is very uplifting for ones mood.
In case you were curious I like to use Victoria Secrets, PINK Shimmer and Shine, warm & cozy sparkling body mist, as shown below in the picture (NOT that this is a sales pitch, so don't think I am benefiting from telling you any of this b/c I am not. Just sharing info.)
Our Twilight Corner
I have used there other shimmer and shine products as well, but this new one is fangtastic.  A little bit does go a long way, but I don't feel it has a heavy order to it at all.  I can't stand heavy  fragrances anyway.  They make my nose  go crazy and my lungs hurt.  
Now after the shimmer spray dries I also like to dust on a little more sparkle by using, Make Me PINK or HOT For PINK, also by Victoria Secret.  They also have a very light bouquet which goes well with the warm & cozy shimmer & shine spray.  It adds just a tiny bit more spark to your sparkles as well. 
Our Twilight Corner
Oh and just an added public service announcement, don't ever forget to cover your pale skin with some sparkle protection as well, (sunscreen) before you begin the fun process of decking your skin out in man made sprinkles of sparkles because as fun as it is to shine and shine out loud;  its completely and utterly devastating to be struck down with any form of skin cancer and we all want everyone to stick around for as long as sparkly possible!
Tee hee Sparkle Protection
I personally like to use this brand of sunscreen, but any number of them will work to protect your skin from harm and keep you from revealing your true self to the public.  ha ha
However, if you do find you have been left out in the suns damaging razes for far too long such as this fellow below.  :/
Dumb Ass - This is so mean.. ;(
You can and should always use an after sparkle protection gel such as this one show below as well. =0)  HA HA 
Soothing Sparkle Gel
It will help to smooth your skin once it has been overly fried by the sun. :/

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  1. LMAO That is hilarious!! I too would say that's an accomplishment. As I was reading I was thinking I totally need to comment as ask what fragrance you were wearing that day. Then I scrolled down and there it was. Yay!! Thanks for sharing. BTW - I totally love your brand of sparkle protector and vampire aloe!! I need to look for them in Florida as I always need my sparkle protector when I go out in the sun. ;) LOL