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Monday, August 29, 2011

If you SPARKLE they will come

It's about that time of year again when Twilighters from around the globe make their Twilgrimage to the great state of  Washington, in order to attend Stephenie Meyer Days (SMD's) which is an annual event held in that sparkly little town called Forks; located in the heart of the Olympic Peninsula.  I know my Corner gals and I have been eagerly packing, planning, and getting ready for our Twiadventure for about a year now and are totally ready to hit the road.

Although, I have to tell you its kind of funny story about how this Twiadventure came about because we never planned, originally, to go to SMD's or Forks for that matter at all.  All we wanted to do, in a spontaneous fit of excitement, was plan and take off for a fun adventurous girls weekend.  Our destination was unknown and that was perfectly fine with the three of us.  The only thing we were completely sure of was the fact that we wanted to get away, spend time together and have absolutely no boys/men along for the ride.   I say no boys/men because we wanted our weekend escapade to be one where we were not afraid to be ourselves.   Not that we are fearful, so to speak, to show are true colors no matter who is around, but sometimes a person does hold back, a bit, on there actions or words for fear of scaring or embarrassing the ones you're with.

We knew our girls weekend was a way for us to be liberated from our daily reroutes, and to be free of any and all responsibilities in order relax, hang out , and unwind in the great outdoors.   We wanted to be uninhibited with no reservations about who or what we are as individuals or as women!  We wanted to enjoy each others company, and not have anyone telling us what to do, how to do it, or criticizing us for how we are acting and behaving.  We want to be silly, insane, giggle girls again; if only for a few days.  

It didn't take long for Forks to come to mind simple, because the one bond we all have in common is the fact that we are huge Twilight fans and completely love the books and movies.   As if you couldn't figure that one out.  LOL   Actually, this is how we were drawn together as friends to begin with, so it was absolutely perfect for us to chose Forks as our escape destination.  Not that we don't like each other without Twilight.  Heck, I personally love Our Twilight Corner ladies.  

Just to give you a little insight, there's three of us that make up the "OUR" in Our Twilight Corner; it's kind of like a metaphor so to speak.  There's me, my name is Lynn and I kind of started the Corner concept to begin with and keep it all going in a way.  I am the one blogging and forcing, I mean asking politely for, the other two to go on wild, crazy and sometimes silly adventures with me.  NOT that I have to twist there arms by any means.  Trust me they usually jump at any and all suggested adventures.  Then there's Savanna,  my daughter, and she is the best darn daughter a mom could ever have!  She is my trusty sidekick, the "apple" of my eye, and  her sparkly smile is always loaded and ready for action when I ask her to climb, jump, or dangle from anything and any where all for the sake of a photo opportunity.  She loves to humor me and I absolutely adore this about her.  I am in awe of the fact that she loves me so much that she will never tell me no when I need or want to take pictures of her.  Then last but certainly not least, there is our fangtastic Twifriend Olivia and well what can I say about our little "Bella"!?  She ROCKS!  Olivia is such a joy to have in our life we can't imagine having a life without her as a dear friend!  Beside she was completely, totally and absolutely willing to be filmed in our, "Edward Cullen Your Love is My Drug", video!  Therefore, anyone willing to go along with one of my Twilight ideas, that's not blood related to me, was a shoe in to be our best friend forever and always no matter what!  lol

Anyway with that being said, Forks was our destination and not just because we all love Twilight, but because we knew it was the one place a Twilighter is perfectly free to be themselves which, need I remind you, was our main goal when planning our girls weekend get a way.  In other words we felt Forks was the one place a person is never criticized for acting a bit "sparkly", to put it kindly, and never made fun of for wearing there favorite Twilight t-shirt, shoes, pants, necklace, ring, and bracelets all at the same time.  A place where a person can proudly show off a Twilight tattoo if the need to do so should ever hit ya. 

Forks is a special place where people can continuously say out loud "OME" or" OMJ" and constantly speaking to everyone they meet in Twilight quotes.  It's a place where a person can put in, "golden brown", colored contacts, lather there body with glitter and wont be made fun for doing it. (At least no one will speak it out load to your face that is.)  I mean where else is a Twifan completely free to get there sparkle on no matter what?  A Twilight convention you say?  Ok, well yes that's probably true as well, but I am talking about FORKS and what better time to go to Forks then during SMD's.  I mean this is like a weekend made in Twi-heaven for a group of ladies such as ourselves.  

However, picking the weekend of SMD's to go to Forks is just icing on the cake because we know there will be a tremendous amount  of  "our kind" there as well.  If ever there was a weekend to lower our guard, embrace our Twilighter side and absorb our inner Sparkly Veggie Vamp or Hot blooded Werewolfness, this would the weekend to choose.  It's perfect and we are so ready to get our sparkle on it s not even funny.  I mean how can this weekend get-a-way get any better?  How can it be any more perfect then its already gonna be?  Well, I will tell you how it's get better.  =0)

To be continued.......

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  1. YAY!!!! This is an awesome blog. I loved every word!! You are so right!! What better place for Girls/Twilighters to let their hair down and be their twi-crazy selves than in FORKS!!! I'm totally following along and can't wait to see what the "To be continued..." brings!