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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Twilighers Dream come true and then some...

As I acknowledged in my other blog, "If you Sparkle they will come", we are getting ready to invade Forks, Washington in order to enjoy all the activities they have taking place during Stephenie Meyer Days (SMD's).  If you haven't already read the blog I mentioned at the beginning of this one, may I suggest you do so in order for this all to be a little less cloudy for you. 
Anyway, SMD's happens, but once a year and it's defiantly a Twilighters dream event which is the perfect setting for a girls weekend get-a-way.  In other words, its wonderful because we get to be completely and utterly uninhibited Twilight Fans with no one making fun of us, or calling us names.  There will be NO haters there to ridicule our love for Twilight.  It's completely perfect so how can this girls weekend get-a-way in Forks during SMD's get any better then it's already cracking up to be?  Well I will tell you how it will get better then it already seems to be because for some of us the countdown to Forks isn't just any old trip; its a Dream come true! 
You see us Corner gals are especially, super duper, excited to head off on our Forkspedtion because not only do we get to travel to Forks together, hang out, and take part in SMD's, but we FINALLY get to meet Lisa, from Twilighters Dream.  Its hard to say, thinking back now, how Lisa and I become friends from such long distances because I or we live in Oregon and she lives in Florida, but we found each other nonetheless.  We found each other through our love for Twilight and that's all that really matters. 
Look its Lisa!! Yay!!!
Yep, that's right, Lisa and I have never actually meet face to face however our friendship feels like it's been a life time in the making.  In other words, its like we have known each other all our lives and have some sort of strange Twi-kinship  linking  us together.   Kind of like twins separated at birth.  Only our Twin connection is our Twi-connection.  Oh I know, no creepiness there eh with that statement eh?!.. Ha ha  
Don't worry, we have heard it all from our friends and family and  we don't care.  To us its no different then on line dating to some degree.  We meet on line and now we are friends with or without Twilight!  Simple as that.
Our Twi-connection has only grow stronger over the last few month because we have spent hours chit chatting on the phone, sent thousands of text messages, along with oodles of emails, heaps of pictures, Skyped during parties, oh and of course let's not forget to mention, a number of late nights Facebooking sessions until dawn; in order for Lisa and I to get to know each other better.  Heck, in order for Lisa to get to get to know all Our Corner ladies better and more, for that matter. 

See Lisa joined us via Skype for my Birthday party.
However, Lisa and I have been the main two players in all these texts, phone calls, and e-mails, and feel we are now each others TWI-BFF's for all eternity; bonded even greater as friends because of our twi-secrets we have shared with one another.  In reality our friendship has only been for a few months, however for some strange, interesting and fantastic reason we have become, I guess you could say, sisters at heart.  =0)

With that being said it was effortless for me to invite Lisa to Oregon so she could travel with us to Forks for SMD's.  Just like all Twilighters, its been a dream of Lisa's to visit Forks ever since she first laid eyes on Edward Cullen.  From the first time she wrapped herself  between the sparkly pages of the Twilight Saga, in order to partially live in that Twiworld we all know and love.  Basically, I couldn't think of a better time or place for Lisa to come visit.  I mean how could we not meet in person and hang out?  We already had Twilight complementing our friendship and solidifying us to be TWI-BFF's forever.  Therefore on 9.8.2011 we will be picking Lisa up from PDX and racing off to Forks in order to hang out, go Twicrazy together, and enjoy all the epic fun ness that SMD's has to offer a group of fan like us.
However, hold on a seceond, there's more!  Yes, it gets even better in our Corner of the world.  How you might ask?  How can things get any more fantastic then my TWI-BFF flying in from Florida and we all headin to Forks?  Well the other amazing thing about this weekend trip isn't just the fact that Lisa will be with us along for the ride, but Anna from Twili-fye who is just a hop and skip to the east of me in Silverton, Oregon will also be going to Forks with us!  Plus, yeah- plus, YES there ismore!!!  We also get to meet Angie from Pure Twilight who lives in Moses Lake, Washington.  Eeeeeeeeeeek, I know this is exciting, thrilling, and exhilarating stuff...Eeeeeeeeeeeek, fun time big time!!!!!
Photo by: Twilighters Dream
Plus, OH YEAH - there's even more!  I know I can't stand it all....  BUT letsTwifans who share the same passion and love for all things Twilight!  I am so excited its hard to contain myself.  Another, Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeek, *jumping up and down* full of excitement over the thought of all this Epic-ness taking place in one weekend and  in one Sparkly wonderful little town, named FORKS!
So you see this is not just a trip of life time for Lisa, but an adventure of a life time for all of us as well.  I am sure anyone and everyone who have gone to Forks or who are going to Forks feels the same way.  How could you not?  I mean Savanna, Olivia and I have all gone to Forks, La Push and Port Angeles before, but never during SMD's and never all together with so many other amazing, wonderful people who are like us, who are like "our kind".   =0)  Yay!!!!
However, just between you and I, I'm secretly hoping this will turn into a yearly tradition for me and my Corner of the world, but we'll see...  Because life always has a way of throwing a curve ball at ya.  There's always something new and exciting waiting for each and everyone of us, and at any given moment, and without warning our paths can take a new direction, a new turn.  So I have no problem starting a count down to Forks 2012 now, just in case because life is just too dark short NOT to get your SPARKLE on every chance you get!

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