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Saturday, September 3, 2011

Finding our inner Rosalie Cullen

So we have only five days left until we head off to Forks, Washington for Stephenie Meyer Days and we have been running around like crazy trying to tune in our inner Rosalie. 
Why?  Because one of the activities they are having at SMD's is a costume contest and most of my group of ladies want to enter or are entering the contest.  Such as my daughter Savanna. 
Now Savanna does not look EXACTLY like Rosalie, but she is tall, thin and blonde, so she fits the bill if you ask me. lol

Anyhooo, so far the hardest part about searching for items Rosalie would wear is trying NOT to buy all the stuff we come across, especially the SHOES!!!...
I mean look at all these wonderful shoes we have found!  The sparkly ones are my weakness, but the b*tchier looking the better I say for Rosalie... ha ha
How can you pick just one? Ugh..lol
To us, all of these look kind of like something Rosalie would wear.  What do you all think?  I know they are not the fabulous little numbers Rosalie wore in Twilight when she was in the kitchen and broke the salad bowl, but those babies are not only awesome, but no where to be found. 

Just way too cute! LOVE THESE!
Although, the substitutions we found are awfully cute too. Shoes wonderful shoes.... Yay!  Oh, uh sorry... However, we were able to pick just one pair to go with this outfit. 
Whatch out Rosalie!
Whatcha think?  Pretty close.  Plus we have a scarf that will go with it at home as well.  Anyway at least she can wear this outfit out again after we come back from SMD's, so that's good. 

I mean I know Rosalie might not be practical, but we are, in Our Twilight Corner, so finding the exact outfit on our budget will not happen.  However, I think we did pretty good.   Maybe that's our inner Alice coming out then because I see Alice being a little more thrifty; thrifty with style that is..

Anyway, once we get back from Forks I will post pics from out trip and the costume contest for you all to see the finished product.  I am sure between me and my sister pages we will all have a ton of pictures for you too see! =0)

So stay tuned for more, our sparkle will never run out for Twilight!

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