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Saturday, September 3, 2011

An AMAZING Twilight Sunrise in the NorthWest

I know there are better pictures than mine out there of sunrises, but this sunrise here in the Northwest was spectacular and I just have to share some of these pic's I snapped. 
I really need to bring my Cannon Rebel with me when I go places, because my little Iphone camera does not do this sunrise justice by any means.  Oh well, enjoy anyway. 
I thought the fire from the sun shining through these rain clouds were amazing. 
I have not seen this color orangeie, red in a long time.  
Also, even though I could see rain in the distance the morning air was calm and warm not at all muggy like I expected it to be.   I hated to go to work. I wanted to stay and see more of this show.  =0)
It was a nice change however to see this type of sunrise which reminded me of Twilight, and set my mood for the rest of the day. =0)   But doesn't Twilight anything set us all in a good mood?  I know it does for me... lol  Yay!

If all mornings could start off this good.  =0)
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