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Saturday, September 17, 2011

Breaking Dawn Bella ~ Stephenie Meyer Days 2011 Costume Contest ~ EPIC

Our second day in Forks was not without even more fun and excitement to say the least.  One of the events offered during Stephenie Meyer Days was a costume contest that anyone and everyone could have entered and of course my Corner gals did just that.
Left to right: Lisa, Olivia and Savanna
My little Savanna was cafeteria Rosalie and Olivia was Breaking Dawn Bella.  They looked amazing and what was even more incredible was the fact that Savanna took first place, and Olivia took second.  EPIC!  Yay to Our Corner of the World!!!
I have to say though, everyone who entered the contest looked so unbelievable and it was fantastic to see so many people show up and come out as a characters from one of the Twilight movies.  Personally, I would like to see more of you dress up and enter next year! =0)
However, whats even more surprising, and I wish I had more pictures of Olivia dressed up as Breaking Dawn Bella to show you, but unless you have been living under a rock and have not seen the second trailer, Olivia did a shockingly great job dressing up as Bella the night after her wedding night to Edward.  lol  
Our Corner Bella looks pretty close to Summits Bella if you as me!
Summits Bella
Oh no, lots of feathers. lol 
Well at least our hotels headboard is in one piece because we did not leave the room feather free that's for sure.  Sorry Forks Motel!  We didn't leave much of anything feather free.  We had feathers everywhere after we were finished getting Olivia ready for the contest.  From her hair, to ours, and the floor we had them practically scattered all over Forks, but it was worth it because it was all for the love of Twilight fun!
Our Corner Bella was so good even Aro couldn't read her mind either. He tired and he even tried to sick Jane on her, but nothing worked.  Oh and lets not forget the Groom.
Yes, Edward might have been tight lipped about the Wedding night, but by the look on his face I  think its pretty clear he too enjoyed himself... HA HA  

The whole day was fun and this costume contest was just the tip of the iceberg for us because we still had lots of shopping to do and the St. Marcus Day festival party as well.  =0)  Another EPIC time of our Twi-lives.  

If you want to see more photo check out our facebook page: Our Twilight Corner and I have some video uploaded as well... =0)   

Oh sorry for all the screaming, but I got soooooooo excited! lol 
And the Winner is..... Yay Savanna!
Savanna looked so good!
Olivia Rocked Breaking Dawn Bella!
Lisa was too cute!
James the Tracker looked pretty good too!

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