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Saturday, September 17, 2011

Welcome to Forks!

We made it! 

Pulling into Fork and seeing that sign was beyond fantastic.  
Mainly because it was Lisa's dream to go to Forks and it felt good knowing I helped that dream come true.  =0)  
Plus it also meant we could finally stop driving, get out of the truck for a while and start to enjoy Forks and Stephenie Meyer Days!
The Chamber of Commerce is a cool little first stop, and the people who work there are so fun!
Oh Yeah had to get pic's of Bella's truck... I think that truck has been photographed more then a super model don'tcha know... lol 
However, we did not stay in Forks for long..... I know how funny is that. We ran off to La Push for an afternoon of fun in the sun at the beach... Yeah right!  It was booty cold there.. ha ha Duh!
More pictures on our facebook page: Our Twilight Corner

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