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Saturday, September 17, 2011

Not enough Starbucks on Hwy 101 North to Forks

Day two of our travels to Forks Washington in order to experience Stephenie Meyer Days was not without a ton of coffee; no it was not without heaps, loads, and oodles of this liquid oomph mover!  We had five women, no we had five Twifans, in a small hotel room and we were all too excited to sleep.  Need I say more?  I think I knocked off around 1:30 am, but my mind and bladder decided to wake up at 3:30am and I could not go back to sleep. Ugh.
Oh word to the wise, pack your own coffee press, if you are a java junkie, when traveling to Forks because once you leave Aberdeen Washington there is not another Starbucks or Dutch Brothers for miles!  MILES!

Oh, another word of caution, if you are addicted to jitter juice, make sure you use the powder room as well, before leaving Aberdeen, because when the nectar of the Gods kicks in there are noooooooooo good stopping grounds along the way... Unless you enjoy being stared at by the local wild life, and that wild life might not always walk on four legs. Just sayin is all..  o.0

Anyway, our trip was filled with a number of awww moments, but one place you must stop at on your way to Forks, headed north on Hwy 101, is the Big Ceder Tree.  Yes a tree.  Don't go there its a cool tree!  =0)
 This tree is a few miles before you reach Forks and its one of the coolest trees I have ever seen, and trust me I love trees and have seen a few very cool trees.  LOL   Anyway, this might not be Epic in your world, but if you like nature and ever get a chance to travel to Forks then make sure you stop at the BIG CEDER TREE.  
Savanna and Olivia look so tiny next to this tree
It was at this tree we really started to feel ourselves get our SPARKLE on for Forks.  We knew we were close and since we were in the woods it was hard not to act a little TwiCarzy.  lol  
Anna from Twili-fye
Anna from Twili-fye thought she was a Spider-Monkey and Savanna and Olivia tried to sparkle in the sun.  Tee hee 
Savanna is trying to sparkle... 
Savanna kept saying, "Sparkle dang it sparkle, but it wasn't working.  lol 
Olivia thought they sparkled there for a minuet. 
Olivia was just so happy to be away from reality, and on a girls Twi-weekend that she couldn't stop hugging everyone.  =0)  It was a very sweet trip to say the least.. 
Pic from: Twilighters Dream

Unfortunately, this is what happens when you don't get to Forks before your morning thunder wears off... lol

More photos list on our facebook page: Our Twilight Corner

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