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Friday, September 16, 2011

My Review of Stephenie Meyer Days 2011

I have no words to truly describe how FANTASTIC Stephenie Meyer Days 2011 was this last weekend in Forks, Washington.  Words cannot explain how much I enjoyed the festivities they offered all of us!

We made it!
You see there is just soooo much to see and do I am not sure if I can fully describe to you how freaking fun this all was for me and my group of friends.  We all had a wonderful, fantastic, and amazing time in Forks!!! 

If I had to sum it all up in one word it would be EPIC.  Yes totally cliche I know, but this trip was completely EPIC and I would do it all over again in a heart beat!

Forks was wonderful and it was fantastic meeting a lot of the residents who live, work and help to put this event together!  There was one person in Forks who really made a great impression on me and my group and her name is Whitney Stephens-Flagg.  Whitney is a wonderful Forks resident who played phone tag with me, and I am sure tons of others as well who were all trying to buy tickets, cloaks and get the inside scoop on all the events taking place in Forks.
Yay its Whitney Meyer
The first thing I thought of when I saw and met Whitney, who is this super sweet event planner from Leppell's, is that she looks a lot like Stephenie Meyer.  Well I wasn't the only one who thought this and Whitney told me the other day that she will get to play SM herself in next years SMD's 2012! YAY!!! I sure hope I get to see Whitney play this part next year because you ROCK girl! =0)

I will defintaly say this if you have not gone to Forks for SMD's then YOU NEED TOO!!!! Heck, just go to Forks no matter when or why!!!  Its a great little town with amazing people and its a must see! 
We all look so cute in front of Bella's Truck
Anyway, what made this trip completely EPIC for me was the fact that my TwiBFF Lisa, who I had never met before, came all the way from Florida to live out her Twilighters Dream by going to Forks with me, and my Corner ladies.  Well I am sure we were not part of that dream to begain with, but we helped make it all happen for her that's for sure.
Lisa looks ready to fly for the Pacific Northwest to me!
After we picked Lisa up from PDX, on Thursday evening, we headed off to Centralia, Washington which was our first resting spot for the night.  Usually, SMD's does not start until Friday, but I like to get a head start on things.  Plus this way we can stop in Kalama, WA along the way to see the "Forks" High school as well.   
Its all of us in front of the school.. Yay...
Anna, Savanna, Lisa, Olivia and ME!

Lisa was ready to run into the wood and
have Edward, "Say it Out loud".... lol
It was totally cute to see Lisa's face when she got to the High School that was used in the Twilight movie.  We had already planned to see some of the filming locations after we came back from Forks, but this spot is right off of I-5 so it was a must right away!
Anna was ready for sure!
Some of us have been to the High School in Kalama before, but Lisa of course, and Anna from Twili-fye who was also with the Corner Crew heading to Forks had not see this before, "Newborns," so they were just tickled pink and thirsty for more once we got there...=0) 
We won, we won! =0)
Our first night in Forks and one of the events that was taking place was Bella's bridal shower which was being hosted by Alice, of course, at Alice's Closet. Our group took 1st place in the toilet paper wedding dress contest! Such a fun night!
Angie from Pure Twilight is on the right.. Yay!

Also, we met up with Angie from Pure Twilight in Forks as well, and Vamped it up a bit not only with her,but her mom and her sister too. Look we had Twilight beer in Forks.... Ha ha I love it!!! It was once again amazing to meet them all!
And 1st place goes to..... Our Twilight Corner!
The costume contest was freakin amazing.  Everyone who dressed up looked soooo good.  Our little Savanna, who is on the right, took the grand prize for being cafeteria Rosalie in the costume contest which was held on Saturday. She was so sure she wasn't gonna win, and just entered for the fun of it, that when they called her name she just stood there.. It was classic and fun.  Whoop Whoop!

Olivia took 2nd place!!! Yay!
Aro was trying to read Olivia's mind who was dressed up as Breaking Dawn Bella for the costume contest.  It was awesome that Our Corner gals won something at SMD's.  
Jacqueline and her daughter found Olivia from Our Twilight Corner in Forks
Then just when you think it cannot get any better we actually met some of our page fans in Forks as well... WOW!   =0)  Above is a pic of Jacqueline and her daughter who were the cutest things ever!  Two very sweet people and unfortunately they did not get a hotel room in Forks so they had to drive the 57 miles one way between Port Angeles,and Forks every day they were there in order to participate in all the events.  Such great Twilight fans!   
Oh no Savanna Edward is
eyeballing your neck!
The St. Marcus Day Festival was another EPIC event you all will just have to check out for yourself and pray I can get the video's uploaded before Christmas.  LOL  =0)  
Yay its Hilly and Hannah!
Yep, we even ran into Hilly and Hannah from The HillyWood Show.  Not only did we get our pictures take with them, but we got them to sign our Twilight book... Yay!  BEST TRIP EVER!!!
The look-a-likes were fangtastic!
The look-a-likes who came to Forks for SMD's were awesome!  I know they are not the "real" Twilight cast members however, I do hope they all come back next year because I am soooo getting their autographs!  They were fun, friendly and very gracious to us all!  Our little corner cannot get over how much Alan Mitchell looks like "Edward."  Tall, dark and yummy!  Tee hee 
We are all team Alan now for sure... =)  (Don't worry we know he is taken!)  Its all for the fun of Twilight ya know! That's a team none of us can deny we are all on when you participate in an event such as this one!

So you see it was EPIC, truly EPIC, and I will be counting down the days until next years SMD's 2012 which will happens on the14th-16th of September!!! =)

There are more pictures posted on our facebook page, Our Twilight Corner, and I will try to get our video's on my YouTube site as soon as possible too.  OurTwilightCorner


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  1. Awww Lynn you are too sweet!! Love ya!! and yup we are big fans of Our Twilight Corner!! =D Love, Jacqueline and my niece Anahi <3