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Saturday, September 10, 2011

We won, we won in Forks!

OME, this has been such a fantastic adventure up here in Forks!

Our Twilight Corner totally ROCKED it at the costume contest this year for Stephenie Meyers Days 2011!!!

My little Savanna was Cafeteria Rosalie from Twilight and everyone loved her look. Let me just say, I could barely contain my excitement when Hilly and Hannah from the Hillywood Show announced her as the grand prize winner for her costume! Whoop whoop And I have to say she was a pretty freakin awesome look-a-like to say the least.

Then to make things even more EPIC, our little Olivia took 2nd place for her interpretation of "Breaking Dawn Bella" and she was a hit with everyone including Edward! :) *Wink wink*

Don't worry as soon as I can I will be posting all our epic pictures from SMD's and our adventures in FORKS, if we ever come back! LOL


  1. Looking Twi-tastic Olivia & Savanna! Congrats! :D
    Love the costumes! ~V

  2. Wow that's great! Savanna looks ice princess gorgeous as Rosalie. What a nice experience while you are there. I am waiting patiently for your "tons" of pictures. Thanks for sharing this news too.