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Thursday, October 6, 2011

Hot Topic TwiCrazy!!

OME the Breaking Dawn merchandise came into Hot Topic today and so did we!
Even though it doesn't seem like it, we did leave some items in the store for other fans to buy.  However, for the most part Summit, even though they DON'T deserve it, got my money again; and A LOT OF IT too!
We love the new T-Shirts. Those are cool. So sporting those on 11.18.11!!!!

The Wedding rings are cheap! But I didn't expect them to be from Tiffany's to say the least. I would have waited for a sale, but with the Twilight Saga coming to an end I was affraid they'd all be gone. :(
Same with the jewelry box. The Hot Topic sales rep. said they only received 15 of them in. Not sure if that was a lie, but again NOT taking any chances. :0)
LOVE, love Alice's necklace as well, so yep got that too.
Along with the Edward and Jacob pillow cases. Im sooooo looking forward to SPARKLY sweet dreams, on my night in shiny Volvo owner pillow, for sure! Savanna got Jacob. She likes the remodeled to be over 108 degrees.

Didn't buy the blankets yet, but they are very soft and much better looking in person then on line.

Hot Topic also informed us they will be doing a lanyard give-a-way in the next few weeks as well, soooooo Savanna, my little PIC, will be running up to the mall every week to check that situation out for Our Twilight Corner!!!

NOT obsessed, just dedicated!!!


  1. I want it all!! Can't afford any :(

  2. Hello is there anyway that you can update your page if you find any stuff at F.Y.E if you have that store? Thanks :) much appreciated

  3. hey just wanted to ask if you have a local F.Y.E store there can you update with merchandise you find there? I too am making a blog of all my twilight stuff :)

  4. We don't have an F.Y.E here I beleve, so no way to update from or for them.