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Saturday, October 8, 2011

MORE Hot Topic Breaking Dawn items!

So last night I had to stop at the Clackamas Town Center Mall, on my way to visit a girlfriend in Portland, yes, had to!
I'm never really in the area and with all the Breaking Dawn items coming out, well I just had to stop in order to check out what their Hot Topic store was selling in the way of Breaking Dawn souvenirs. HOLA!!

Um, well kind of a big mistake cause yes, - I bought even more items for my Corner. Damn you Summit! :0)

I picked up Rosalie's necklace because, well, I had 15% off for one and two we will need it for Savanna's costume at next years Stephenie Meyer Days in Forks 2012! :0)
I picked up four more t-shirts... Don't judge, yes 4, but I'm lacking Twi-shirts anyway, so thats how I can justify the purchase to begin with. LOL
However, I have to say they are cool looking! Love, love my Edward one!!! Savanna is Team Jacob and of course I had to picker her up the Jacob shirt. It's pretty awesome as well. They look much more appealing in person then on the net.
This little baby here is very cool though. Yes, it's a sticker in the bottom right hand corner of the upper picture, but for some reason its prefect! Why? Because it's not to big or small. I mean its small enough, you can see all the charters you love, keeping it close to your heart whether it's on a car window, bathroom mirror or notebook, but its big enough to show the world you're a Twi-Fan for sure! If you buy nothing else I would pick this up to have in your collection for sure!
The store manager informed me that all the Hot Topic stores have or will have TONS of Breaking Dawn items, so if you don't see any items at your Hot Topic make sure you ask the sales clerks. They will pull from the back rooms if need be to give you what you want because they want to sell, sell, sell all the BD stuff fast, fast, fast! =o)

I will tell you this. I still believe Summit fell short on the marketing look of all the BD1 merchandise! However, I love Twilight so I knew I'd buy some items, although, and I forgot to take a pick of this item, but the wallet is horrid looking! It's grayish with black and white shadows by all the characters faces/bodies, and it makes them all look freakishly dead and scary looking! Not buying that item even if someone pays me! Ugh, epic fail Summit!

Even the book bag looks strange to me. Sorry will wait for it to be on clearance to get that item as well Summit! If the Hot Topic stores want this stuff to move they best be telling Summit or someone in marketing to really find out what us Twilighters like and then make it! I'm not blaming the stores at all for Summits mistake at all. That's not what I'm saying. All blame goes to Summit that's for sure! But come on Summit, even New Moon merchandise was better then this stuff and I wasn't real crazy about some of those items either back in 2009. However, BD1 is defiantly lacking for me that, GOTTA HAVE, factor that makes me run out, and buy it all; if you know what I mean.

Eclipse had that "IT" factor I feel and I was really hoping with the Saga ending that Summit would nail it this time for sure.
Well you have one more movie to go Summit make me scream out loud, stand in long lines and cry for the next movies merchandise or else some of your distributors will be having clearance sales sooner then you want them too with the cheap crap you're trying to shove down our very vocal Twi-throats!!!

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