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Saturday, October 8, 2011

Sooo not gonna fit in Our Corner

Ok so last week I really went Twi-Crazy and bought a TON of Twilight posters. Um, if you have to ask why then, well - I really have nothing to say to you. Ha ha

Anywhoo, I did get a little carried away, but when they are on sale for $1.99 how can a Twilighter NOT buy a few more then what you would normally buy? Ummm, how many did I buy you ask? Oh, I believe about 10 or so of them.... -*sigh*, No, I have NO CLUE where I'm gonna hang them all, but I really don't care. Ha ha.
I'll figure something out I'm sure. I've always said I need a Room not a Corner anyway now. :0)

Oh, and NOT all of them were $1.99 though, but most of them were. I believe, I picked up this BD1 poster for $6.99. Not bad if you ask me.

As I am able too I will show you all of the posters that I bought, but for now this is the best one..... Simply because we only have 38 more days to go, and my husband still doesn't know I bought so many posters to begin with! Shhhh, don't tell ok. :0)

Oh and if you're wondering I got all my posters at www.allposters.com. ;0) Clearance; HOLA!!! lol.


  1. I say you post all the posters in the office and make it the wall paper for your Twilight ROOM! :)

  2. Yeah Lisa I think that's what I'm gonna have to do. :0) tee hee