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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Gifts from my Florida TWIBFF! =0)

Wow, its been a great Tuesday!  Just before we went to see Twilight tonight on the big screen we received a package all the way from Florida!   =0)
Geee, I wonder who it could be from?  ha ha   It was from Lisa my TwiBFF who runs Twilighters Dream page! Yay!  
We got all kinds of goodies from her.  Lip gloss, Florida Renee mints, and a couple really cool Hallmark greeting cards, but the fang teeth sucker was the funniest thing ever.  It was like a "fang grill".  Oh my it was interesting and very, very funny to try to put in our mouth as well too - suck on?  Uh, as you can see in photo we, well look a little funny.   lol 
Anyway, Thank you Lisa we loved your little Twi tokens!  We sure do miss you though, and hope you can come back to visit us real soon!   Oh lets say in, 317 days when its time to go to Forks again for Stephenie Meyer Days 2012!  Yay!!

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  1. Awww yay!! How perfect it arrived on Twilight Tuesday!! LOVE THAT!!! :) The pictures are OME Funny!!! I also got one but didn't open it yet. HAHA Didn't know they looked like that. That's hilarious!!!! I saw the mints and was like ;I soooo gotta get those!' They will go perfect with the other mints in The Corner and paired with the Florida Palm Tree you have a little piece of Twilight in Florida!! Yay!!! Miss you both!!! Wish we'd see each other SOONER than 317 days...but we always will have Forks!! :)