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Monday, December 26, 2011

I need an Alice Cullen!

With the New year about to start I have been thinking about resolutions lately however, lets face it no one keeps them.  I pretty much stopped making them years ago simply because I never did keep them past the first week of January myself.   
I soooo wish I had an Alice Cullen in my life to either do things for me or make things simpler if nothing else. 
*SIGH*, but lets get real here.  It's ME, and only ME who will make things happen for myself.  
Sadly Alice is only in a book.... A very awesome book, but still in a book nonetheless. ;(
Although, a little help now, and then would be nice for all of us wouldn't it?   So when I found this FANTASTIC little site the other day, it gave me hope that I could make 2012 a little less messy, and chaotic for myself.  Well that's the idea at least.  

I have decided to call it "My goals" instead of My resolutions for 2012.  
Maybe word trickery would help me stay on task a little more as well who knows.  

Anyway, you all must check out MySimplerLife.  

They have this wonderful Declutter and Organize Calender that I LOVE! (I know hard to see on my site, but check them out. Much simplier. Hah, hah, hah)  
They have one for every month of the year, and each day it gives you a simple task to do to declutter your life. 
I love this because every time I sit down to write myself a honey do list I can never really quite remember everything I need to do.  Yeah, right.  More like selective memories to me, but ya know....

Anyway, now I don't have to remember or write a list.  They did it for me.  Oh, and trust me when I looked at the calender it pretty much can and does all apply to what I can and should be doing in my own home.  So I bet it will work for you too.

This site is my own personal little Alice Cullen, and for that I thank them.  Well maybe I will thank them more this same time next year.  Hmm, will see now wont we?  =o)
Anywhoooo, with there help I am hoping to tackle this mess you see here on my bed.  These four books are all my address books from over the last 20 years.  May not seem like much to you, but they really do need to be condensed into one.  
No more CLUTTER!   
Now I know we have modern technology to help keep our digits and addresses in tack, but when those things fail us, get lost or stolen what are you left with?  Just a bunch of people standing around saying, "Umm, I don't know my mom's number she was speed dial number 6."  Yep, when it all fails us we are simply left with good old fashion paper. 

So declutter job number one for 2012 is to get ONE address book that has everyone and everything in it and chuck the rest.  Besides I am sure there is some updating to be done with the way my friends move around these days.  
I may not have an Alice Cullen to get my booty in gear, but I know I can "take control" because "I am a strong independent woman" who can tackle anything I set my mind to!  
Alice had the vision,so this is how I know.... ;o)

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