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Monday, January 23, 2012

Abduction Review~ Well sort of...

So I have a friend that has not read the Twilight Saga YET, and has never seen the movies YET.  
I know, I know tragic isn't it?!
I always politely offer her my books and movie anytime she would like to barrow them, but sadly she always declines and tells me she is not a fan and has no interest in becoming one.
Now you might think she is a hater and lets not go there... I don't like calling anyone a hater if I can help myself.  Lets just say she has not had the pleasure of tasting the sweet, addictive, venom that lingers in these pages in order to be changed yet is all.  
I am working on her.  I know she is Twi-curious.  She just wont admit it, and lets face it that's a start in my book.  
However, she told me today she watched Abduction and thinks Taylor Lautner, AKA, Jacob Black is a HOTTIE and might, MIGHT be interested in watching Twilight now that she has seen him in this movie.  
Is all I could think when she told me this....

To be continued........ 

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