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Monday, January 23, 2012

Handmade Twi-Inspired Merchandise up for the taking!

Love Twilight than you will love these items!!! 
I think these are the cutest things any TwiFan would love to add to any Twilight collection. 
A fellow TwiFan and friend, Miss Darina is moving, sadly NOT to the Northwest, but nonetheless she is moving and would love to sell these fabulous items in order to share her TwiLove with others, and well lets face it...- the less items to move the better right? 
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These drink huggies/sleeves, or whatever they are called, are just AWESOME!  Now you can drink your {say the next four words slow and out loud} -- HOT. Caramel. Mocha. Latte.,and show off your love for Team Jacob cause lets face it ladies he is one HOT Native.  OR show your LOVE for Team Edward when you wrap one of these bad boys around your very TALL iced cold, don't hold the fat back, live on the calorie edge of danger, EXTRA vanilla frappuccino with lots of SPRINKLES on top!    Phew!!!  =o)
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Although, I am tore between two loves just like Bella because these HOT and Cold packs are my personal favorite!  Not only are they practical they are TwiCute as well!  I mean, I am all for having a Twilight Corner to display Twilight Treasures on, but anything you can actually use and show off to others whether they love or hate the Saga ROCKS in my book!
Click here for even more items. You know you want too!
Anyhoooo, if you are interested in any of these items please contact Darina through any of the links that I have placed under each item shown above.  I know she would love to hear from you, and be more than willing to answer questions you might have about any of her items she has for sale!  =o)

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