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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Bella & Edward Wedding Barbies are COMING!!!

Oh Wow, look what's coming in February!!!  

The Twilight Bella, and Edward Wedding Barbies!
Source: http://www.tonnerdoll.com/twilight/1
Although, as you can see the photo I have above of  B&E "Barbie dolls" are completely different looking than the ones below, but who cares right?!  lol

They are coming, and I cannot wait!  

I mean who CARES if Edwards face is a bit, uh, um, strange looking, and almost ghost like 
instead of SPARKLY right??!  >.<   
Bella is still BEAUTIFUL, and still kind of sort of, -worth having in any collection!  

However, I do wish we could see them up close, and not just on line.  Oh well, I have all the Twilight Barbie Dolls, so I have to have these too, right?!   I think....... 

I say I "think" only because I am not 100% positive if I truly love them enough to pay $29.95 a piece for them at BarbieCollector.com.

What do you think?  
(I am kind of thinking I want the "Barbie's" that are in the photo at the beginning of my blog, but hey don't let me sway you one way or another here.)  lol 

Leave a comment, and let me know what your thoughts are about these Twilight Treasures.

Sourse: Team Twilight


  1. Hmmmm I don't know!!!! I still love the expensive Barbie's!!! I would buy those or rather dream of owning those and not sure about the other ones.

  2. Hmmm yes he is not sparkling but I love them !! I hope they bring them to austrlalia ;)


  3. Where can you get the first B&E dolls at?

  4. Click on the link in the blog to get to the web site that is selling them Anonymous.. =o)

  5. I dont see the link for the B&E. Just the regular Barbie. Can you please write it in a comment? THANKS!
    Fellow Twilighter

  6. Can you only get the first ones on ebay??
    Because I don't see them anymore on Ebay :(.

  7. No you can even get the Barbies at Target now... Or just go to the link I posted in the blog and buy then from the Barbie web site.. Happy Hunting.. =o)

  8. I like your style of the edward and bella barbies better than the barbie companies, yours is so much more realistic

  9. Sorry it took so long to respond, but the dolls in the first picture are NOT the barbies that are for sale to the real world.. ha ha They are Tonner Dolls and they are not cheap... See link.. http://www.tonnerdoll.com/twilight/1
    I just used the pic cause I liked it better... =o)